11 Proven Ways to De-stress and De-clutter  Mind

Meditation, Deep  Breathing, Singing / chanting Mantras, Jogging and workouts, relaxing in the lap of Nature and eating delicious dark chocolates are some of the good stress busters.
11 Proven Ways to De-stress and De-clutter  Mind

Our mind is a tool given to our soul to live consciously during its journey of life. Our mind has to deal every single day with thoughts, emotions, desires, knowledge and intuition. Therefore, it’s a subject of mastery to flow with all of these elements harmonically in the good moments and through challenges of life.

To improve our mental health and to develop a better performance in our routine, it is  mandatory to de-clutter our mind, both in a preventive way (as the day starts) and also to cleanse it at night or during/after a stressful moment. Here in Meditative

Conscious Breathing

This is the most basic instruction to de-stress your mind and body, and to prevent to get beaten by it now and later. Breathing is the bridge between your consciousness and your subconscious, so this is wonderful way to clean your mind from stored resentments and tensions and that helps you to ease. As you keep a right breathing pattern, you’ll increase your Inner Power and self-confidence.

Meditation to de-clutter the Mind

Meditation is told to be a very important habit for our lives if we want to live plentiful and not just for survival. If you just bring together a healthy and rising intention with deep and conscious breathing and some relaxing music, you’ll get a very effective meditation.

Though there are a lot of specific techniques to de-stress and achieve particular objectives ; there’s one meditation called ‘meditation to tranquilize the mind’ or Man Suhaavcc Mudra Kriya which, according to the legend, was given by the Budha Siddartha Gautama himself to his disciples. It’s done this way:

Sit in an easy meditative pose. Bend the elbows and bring the hands together in front of your chest. Keep the forearms parallel to the ground. Now bend the index finger of each hand in toward the palm. Join them with each other so that they press together along the length of the second segment of the finger. Extend the middle fingers straight. Press them together at the tips of the fingers. Curl the ring and little fingers into the palms. Extend back the thumbs toward the center of the chest. Join them at the pads of the first segment. Hold that Mudra about four inches from the body at the level of the heart and fingers always parallel to the ground. Eyes are half-opened and focused on the tip of the nose.

Breathing pattern: Inhale slowly and hold the breath in. Choose a short mantra you like or need and repeat it in your mind 11 or 22 times. Then, exhale. Hold the breath out and repeat the same mantra 11 or 22 times again. Keep this procedure for 3, 5, 7 or 11 minutes. Do this meditation without pressure and practice the 44 repetitions (22 inhaling-22 exhaling) per cycle only if you feel comfortable with it.

Jogging and Workout

Moving your body is an excellent way to de-stress as this way we release tensions found in our organism and heal imbalances that promote this uncomfortable feeling. If you practise some jogging, running and receive fresh air will help to clear your mind and renew your energies easily.

Escape from the city, go to the Nature

The main source of stressing noises is the cities and the urban life. The sound of cars, mainstream music, excess of lights and pollution bring stress to our lives. Nature is our original home and it’s an automatic stress reliever. Any of the previous 3 ways to de-clutter the mind will improve their effect if you practice them in open and natural places.

Make some Painting or Art

Through art we express and download ourselves in an easy way, which can be effective and spontaneous also for your children if you want to share with them. This is also a wonderful tool of self-knowledge and to connect with other people in a different way.

Listen to Relaxing Music to De-stress and Improve Focus

The music we commonly hear and the noises in the street aren’t perceived as normal by our organism, producing this way automatic stress. Maybe it isn’t too much but if you change your music once in a while to meditative sounds with Tibetan Bowls, Indian Flutes or just relaxing music, your stress levels will get reduced and you’ll be able even to deal better with your emotions and to improve focus for you daily activities. Here in Meditative Mind, we use our own music every day to get tasks done faster and keep us inspired!


Listen and/or sing Mantras

Mantras aren’t just sounds but a whole technology based on the resonance of the sounds we pronounce, finding their meaning in the effect of this reverberation and constant practice. Another effect of the Mantra repetition is that with them we cut the current flow of thoughts and this way we are able to modify what we attract and the ideas we find for our routines and to face our emotions, de-stressing us as we find solutions easier.


Eat (dark) Chocolate

Why not have a delicious feast to feel better? Chocolate has proven benefits for our health, mood and happiness, especially if you eat dark chocolate, as it contains more cocoa, less sugar and no milk. The best option is a 70% cocoa chocolate.

Chocolate tasters also recommend, in case of dark and gourmet chocolates, not to bite and swallow them at once, but to let the piece melt in your mouth (with milk and common chocolates doesn’t work as they have too much sugar). This way you will feel all the flavor and texture, enjoy a whole experience (not just eating something) and you’ll reduce the risk of eating that chocolate fast or compulsively as just 20 gram of dark chocolate are enough to get its benefits.

Drink hot and Natural Tea

What an easy option to get relaxed and even inspired to meditate. Drinking a hot tea from fresh or dehydrated leaves and ingredients brings you to a better peace of mind and depending of the ingredient you use, you’ll find also extra benefits for your health. Try to drink them with the lowest amount of sugar or without it.

Assistance of Therapy

It’s important to take assistance of a therapist once in a while to improve your health and emotional balance, as we don’t always have all the solutions for our problems in the palm of the hand and through a good therapist it will be easier to find those tools. Most of the psychotherapists work just as a mirror that de-codifies what you say and reflect to you the causes and solutions you’re manifesting by yourself, even if you weren’t aware of them.

Ask someone to give you a massage or go to a Spa

Why not? This is a really relaxing way to de-stress and de-clutter your mind and an excellent opportunity to promote sharing with your relatives or loved one(s). Assisting once in a while to a spa is another great solution against stress that will raise your energy up and make you feel motivated.

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