Meditate with Biggest Super Moon of the Year (Shamanic Drum Meditation Music Inside)

Harness the Healing energy of Biggest Full Moon of the Year with Shamanic Drum + Hang Drum meditation.

What is a Super Moon?

When a Full Moon occurs near the Moon’s closest orbit to Earth, it is called a Supermoon / Super Moon. During this time, the Moon appears to be 17% bigger and 30% brighter than when the moon is at its farthest point from the earth in its orbit.

Shamanic Tradition and Full Moon

In Shamanic Tradition it is believed that Moon and our Aura/energy field has a direct connection. Meaning, how we feel, and perceive our reality, our connection with others and cosmos is somewhat tied to phases of the moon.

So naturally Full Moon becomes very important in Shamanic tradition and meditating and making that deeper connection with moon, can help us activating our energy centres and healing our aura. And when this moon is the biggest Super Moon of the year, its not to be missed.

According to Shamans, moon controls water, and our bodies are mostly water. Consider the moon’s effect on the tides. “Since ancient times, the moon has been believed to be associated with female energy, the yin. Women menstruate in a cycle that reflects the moon’s cycle. It is the belief of shamans that the full moon has a strong effect on the woman, awakening her emotions, both the positive and the negative.” says Montiel, a Shamanic Practitioner

How to Meditate during Full Moon?

During Full Moon meditation, we would like to align our energies with that of Moon and its best to find out a peaceful, serene spot outside, where you can see the this amazing Super Moon in its full glory.

We have designed this special Super moon Shamanic Drum + Hang Drum music, to help with your meditation practice. Drums regulate our breathing and gentle rhythm allow our bodies to flow, the energy to flow. The idea here is not to force anything, if your body wants to move, you allow it to move, allow it to flow.

Start with sitting comfortably, in a quiet place. We recommend that you play the music on the speakers, so that sound energy and healing vibrations of sound can interact with entire body and environment. Now as the music starts, gently close your eyes, and allow your breathing to come to a natural rhythm. Do not force anything. Typically with Shamanic Drums and Hang Drums, your body and breathing should come to a natural rhythmic flow, and bring more focus in your meditation. And when it wanders, bring it back to your breathing…

Let everything out of your body, stress, tension, worry, negativity….

and with every in breath… allow positive energy of Full moon, to enter you, heal you and make you more energetic. Stay as long as needed.

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