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 WEEK 12  – Mantras – Just Released

Miracle Maha Mantra – Hare Krishna

This soothing maha mantra is also known as miracle mantra to remove all the problems. Bring instant calm in and around you with Hare Krishna Hare Rama Chants.

Download this mantra for Free. Link in the description of video. Click Here

 WEEK 11  – 432Hz Music

Sacred Tree | 432Hz Mystical Harp + Hang Drum Music

This track features soothing mixture of harp and hang drum, creating perfect ambience for relaxing and stress relief., tuned to 432Hz.

Download this 432Hz Mystical Harp & Hang Drum for Free. Link in the description of video. Click Here

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 WEEK 10  – Healing Frequencies

963Hz + 852Hz 》Open THIRD EYE + PINEAL GLAND Activator

Mixing 2 or more frequencies creates this powerful combination of healing and calm. 963Hz & 852Hz miracles tones helps to open third eye chakra, activate pineal gland and awaken intuition. 

Download this track for opening 3rd eye chakra. Link in the description of video. Click Here


Dhanvantri Maha Mantra

Lord Dhanvantari is mentioned as the god of Ayurveda. Through chanting this mantra we seek his blessings for sound health for ourselves and others. This maha mantra describes his form, hails his greatness, offers salutations to him and seeks his grace for destroying diseases.

Download this ancient mantra for good health & healing. Link in the description of the video. Click Here.

Do not know where to start?

Get started on a journey to heal your mind and body with our 30 Day Healing Camp which will help you learn the art of healing through sounds and chants. Entire 30 day course is free, plus Meditative Mind community is one of the most positive & nurturing place on Youtube with over 4.5 million like minded people.  Get involved by posting your questions and experiences in the comments and also help others in their journey. We are all in this together.

 WEEK 8  – Healing Frequencies

741Hz Music to Cleanse Infections

741Hz Solfeggio Frequency Music to Cleanse Infections, Dissolve Toxins, Boost Immune System Naturally. It is also the frequency which resonates with throat chakra and helps in unblocking and clearing energy blockages in this chakra.

Download this track for full body detox and to boost your immune system. Link in the description of video. Click Here

 WEEK 7  – Sleep Music

Angelic Healing Sleep Music

Deeply healing sleep music featuring 528Hz + 741Hz miracle tones to boost immune system and for that deeply calming, relaxing sleep.

 Download this soothing sleep music track to boost your immune system and spirits. Link in the description of video. Click Here

 WEEK 6  – Nature + Music

741Hz | Magical Healing Forest Music

Magical Healing Forest – Music is based on 741Hz Solfeggio Frequency, set in the background of mystical water and bird sounds.

Download this soothing celtic forest music for detoxifying mind, body and spirit : Link in the description of video. Click Here

 WEEK 5  – Mantras

Mantra for Healing and Emotional Strength

Guru Ram Das Mantra – Our new composition of this ancient mantra for healing.

Download this Mantra. Link in the description of video. Click Here

 WEEK 4  – Sleep Music

Deep Sleep Music @432Hz

Let all the stress and anxiety melt away with this deep sleep music based on 432Hz.

Download this Sleep Music @432Hz. Link in the description of video. Click Here


 WEEK 3  – World Music

Hang Drum + Tabla + Flute Music | Mystical Yoga Music

Mystical Yoga Music Vibes this Friday. Featuring Hang Drum + Tabla + Flute .. All tuned to 432 Hz. set in the background of birds sounds and relaxing rain sounds. Calm all the way!

Download Mystical Yoga Music featuring Hang Drum, flute and tabla. Link in the description of video. Click Here


 WEEK 2  – Healing Frequencies

432 Hz | Morning Music for Positive Energy

Give your mornings a boost of positive energy with 432 Hz music to calm your morning stress and to add some good vibes in and around you.

Download 432Hz Morning Music for Positive Energy. Link in the description of video. Click Here.


 WEEK 1  – Healing Frequencies

285Hz | Deepest Tissue Healing Music + Cell Regeneration

Week one of Friday Free Downlads, comes from Solfeggio Mandala Soundbath Series. 285Hz frequency helps in healing tissues and balancing lower chakras. Entire series with all 9 solfeggio frequencies is now up on our youtube channel.

Download 285Hz Music for Deepest Tissue Healing. Link in the description of video. Click Here.


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