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A big thank you to all you beautiful souls for supporting our meditation music and efforts for all these years. Its a new decade and we are starting it with new energy and looking forward to sharing new music and chants with you guys. Also many of our long time projects are on their way to be released in the 2020. This is one of these projects. You can call it our Big Thank You Project or Friday Free Downloads .. or what ever you feel fit.

Every Friday in the year 2020, our newest original meditation music will be available for download and for completely free. And no… we will not require your email address or anything.. this is our thank you to the community who have made Meditative Mind what it is today.

How can I download Meditative Mind’s Meditation Music for Free?

Just go to video description, and click on the soundcloud link and download the MP3 file. If something changes, we will update the link in the video description.

Is the free download available as MP3 file?

Yes, all our #FridayFreeDownloads music will be available as high fidelity 320kbps MP3 files.

What sort of music will be made available as free downloads?

We will be posting all sorts of music which you have been listening to on our youtube channel. This will include music based on Solfeggio Frequencies, Mantras, Music for Chakra Healing, Relaxing Music, 432Hz music and more. We will be updating this page every friday/saturday to reflect the new music and mantras which are ready to be downloaded.

Can I use these downloads for my own projects?

These downloads are made available for personal use only. For any other use in any project whether commercial or non-commercial, you will require a special license. You can get in touch with us at info [@] { remove the braces and spaces } with the details of your project, if you wish to integrate our music into your work.

Week 1 : ❂ 285Hz | Deepest Tissue Healing Music + Cell Regeneration

This is from Solfeggio Mandala Soundbath Series. Entire series is now up on our youtube channel.

Download 285Hz Music for Deepest Tissue Healing. Link in the description of video. Click Here

Week 2 : 432 Hz 🌞 Morning Music for Positive Energy

Give your mornings a boost of positive energy with 432 Hz music to calm your morning stress and to add some good vibes in and around you.

Download 432Hz Morning Music for Positive Energy. Link in the description of video. Click Here

Week 3 : Hang Drum + Tabla + Flute Music | Mystical Yoga Music

Mystical Yoga Music Vibes this Friday. Featuring Hang Drum + Tabla + Flute .. All tuned to 432 Hz. set in the background of birds sounds and relaxing rain sounds. Calm all the way!!

Download Mystical Yoga Music featuring Hang Drum, flute and tabla. Link in the description of video. Click Here

Week 4 : Deep Sleep Music @432Hz

Let all the stress and anxiety melt away with this deep sleep music based on 432Hz.

Download this Sleep Music @432Hz. Link in the description of video. Click Here

Week 5 : Mantra for Healing and Emotional Strength

Guru Ram Das Mantra – Our new composition of this ancient mantra for healing.

Download this Mantra . Link in the description of video. Click Here

Week 6 : 741Hz | Magical Healing Forest Music

Magical Healing Forest – Music is based on 741Hz Solfeggio Frequency, set in the background of mystical water and bird sounds.

Download this soothing celtic forest music for detoxifying mind, body and spirit : Link in the description of video. Click Here

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