How to Meditate to awaken Kundalini and How it can Help us

There is a huge volume of energy within you which is yet to find its potential. To make full use of self-potential awakening the kundalini is a must which improved the clarity of thought, memory skills, and greater physical strength.
How to Meditate to awaken Kundalini and How it can Help us

Around the world we can find different ways mankind has found to represent the vital energy and especially, one of its most fundamental aspects or manifestations, which is the Kundalini energy, meaning that it’s an archetype which is present in the whole humanity and doesn’t belong to the Indian culture or religions only, as some may think.

Mystic trends match on several teachings to discover and control Kundalini force, a potential which is latent, lying coiled at the base of the spine, described as a serpent or ‘golden curl’, and it’s found in every human being. It allows us to improve holistic health and to connect with higher levels of consciousness, so we can live conscious about those dimensions and how they influence our lives. To achieve this, we could find some basic instructions and also the steps any practitioner must walk through until he has real mastery.

How to awaken Kundalini


This is the most basic instruction for Kundalini awakening. Kundalini energy flows through the spine thanks to 3 main nadis called Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. These last two are the pathways where lunar and sun polarities flow respectively.

Something we have to be aware about is that it’s pretty common that during some parts of the day we breathe more through one nostril than through the other because our body is intuitively promoting the activation of one of these polarities. By missing the equilibrium in this biorhythm, many mental and physical problems may appear. It’s also pretty common in people to breathe less than 50% of our full lung capacity, and this single fact reduces our energy and happiness.

Therefore, finding a continuous balance of this basic cycle is crucial for a good health, but if we apply specific breathing patterns, we’ll be able to achieve new levels of consciousness and a deeper state of mind, as we’ll also promote a better flow of Prana through the Sushumna nadi, bringing neutrality to the mind and a more direct connection with our higher self.


These are muscular locks we can apply in our body so we can channelize this Kundalini energy as well as all the prana in general. It’s pretty important in any kind of Yoga or Chikung practice to learn the importance of these locks for a good health. If we don’t learn how to do it, there are two risks for our health and awakening:

  1. We’ll waste too much energy as these locks help us to contain it.
  2. A lack of basic level of muscular tension is a signal of weakness and that this Kundalini energy is still dormant. This is because some muscular contractions are not bad but necessary to keep a good posture and balance.


The power of resonance in our body can awaken a lot of energy and promote a lot of benefits, as we explain here. A high-level activation of Kundalini energy produces so much physical excitement that the body may internally vibrate. Through these chants –if you know how towe can make easier to our consciousness to imagine and achieve this state.

‘RA MA DA SA’ Mantra for Kundalini Awakening and healing

This special Mantra is commonly used in Kundalini Yoga practice, as it includes sounds that reverberate on the Chakras but not in an isolated way like Seed Mantras for Chakra healing do, but promoting the connection and continuous integrative functioning between all of them:

Tantric Sex

Yogic philosophy says that a real orgasm through Tantric Sex is the closest experience to God a human being can ever had, as we awaken this powerful energy with our most primal force (sexual) and in company with an opposite energy (gender). A successful Tantric Sex can be achieved through breathing techniques and synchronization of breathing between the couple, purification of mind and body and other components that the practitioners have to learn and master on the go. And, of course, love is also necessary, starting by Self-love.

Taking care about our health and lifestyle

Even if we practise the best exercises for Kundalini awakening, it won’t be effective unless we take care of our habits, nourishment and follow our heart to do what our souls are meant to do. Kundalini energy is very powerful and as with any kind of energy, it can be dangerous if we don’t treat it and work with it respectfully, thus corrupting this process with bad habits is a risk and a lack of respect for yourself and this wisdom.

Start if you have the commitment to keep the discipline. It’s also very important to keep a sadhana or daily practice of yoga to tune your Ego with your higher Self. Yogic wisdom suggests periods of 40, 90, 120 and 365 continuous days to change habits and let the cosmic energy manifest in our lives in a deeper and solid way. Let a good teacher guide you wisely to your own mastery (Tip: the best one is who is his own example of what he’s teaching and want to make a leader out of you and not a follower).

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