5 things that mindful people do differently

Mindfulness is not just about meditating for a few minutes a day, but more importantly its about how we live our lives day in and out. Here is some inspiration : 5 simple things that mindful people do differently, that you can start doing today.

Mindfulness is not just a way of leading life but also an attitude to be present in every moment – to live it fully and to enjoy every second of our lives on this earth.

We see calmness and happiness in mindful people which often makes us think that what are the things that they are doing differently. Its not about meditating 12 hours a day nor its about going to forests to look for enlightenment. We can live our lives mindfully by paying and being fully present in everyday moments and simple tasks.

The mind will keep on presenting things from the past and forces us to think about the future but we surely can find a way to come beyond that wall and practice mindfulness. Here are some things that are practised by mindful people, that gives them satisfaction, making them slightly different. 

Things that mindful people do differently

  1. They do one thing at a time: Often people think that multitasking is a talent and no doubt it is tough. But the fact also says that it makes you jump from one point to another in a fraction of seconds. Mindful people have a different style of working. They make sure that the one thing they are doing is holding their complete attention, so when they complete it, that gives them complete satisfaction and happiness. 
  2. They are curious: When it’s said that don’t let the child in you go away, it is implied in more than one sense. Mindful people are curious like a child. They try to develop an attitude in them like they are doing everything for the first time. Even if it’s just taking a bath, they enjoy it to the fullest. This curiosity gives them a chance to reconnect with the wonders and possibilities of the world. 
  3. They enjoy what they eat: You are what you eat. This is that important part of life that most people neglect very easily. We eat in such a hurry that often we don’t remember what was the last meal we had. Mindful people make sure that they enjoy and appreciate what they are eating. Even a meal or snack becomes a chance to pause and reflect on how this simple piece of food holds everything in it, the earth, wind, rain and sunshine. All the people from around the world who contributed in making the ingredients and putting them together into what it is at that moment. This simple snack becomes a source of gratitude and a moment of recognising the interconnection of all things.
  4. They laugh at themselves: Yes, you read it very right. Laughing at others can hurt anyone and fill your soul with guilt. There’s power in looking silly and not caring what you do. Laughing at yourself is a spiritual practice. It requires you to be present, self-acceptance and total humility. Whatever the situation is if you can laugh over it when your mind is shouting that it’s stupid, that develops a simpler and beautiful perspective towards life.  
  5. They accept their body and emotions: Body shaming and negligence towards emotions is done by everyone around. It takes away something in you every time. Learn to make sure that you accept the body, that is a gift to you from Almighty. Nourish your body and be present to see what your emotions look like. Mindful people don’t just accept their physical and mental appearance. They nourish it and make sure that it is healthy and happy. 

Mindfulness is a state of being fully present. It takes time to move on from what happened and to get rid of the fear for what may happen. Start taking baby steps first and learn to be present not just physically but mentally for the small things that you are doing, and you will surely notice big changes coming. 

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