January 30, 2018


The information on this website is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from a physician or health care professional. Meditative Mind Websites and its resources(Audio, Video, Music, CDs, Classes, Youtube Channel, Social Media Sites, either available via this website or via any other distribution network) are designed to enhance your total wellness, and should be used in conjunction with your traditional medical care. Please check with your doctor or health care professional about using our resources (such as, sound healing, chakra meditations, mantras, meditation music, information on this website, healing music etc) to complement your medical treatment (if any).

Meditative Mind Team has reviewed all sources of information (books, videos, classes, website links, etc.) that we may recommend to you. We believe that with more information comes the ability to make better decisions for yourself, and your self-care. However, we are all unique. Nothing is universal – there is no treatment, medication, or holistic practice that works the same, that provides the same results, for everybody. What is effective for me, may, or may not be for you. We urge you to practice discernment.


Do NOT discontinue or suspend medical treatment without the consent of your doctor or health care professional !

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Path to Clarity : 555 & 555Hz Benefits

Path to Clarity : 555 & 555Hz Benefits

Coming across the number 555 means that while letting intuition guide you through waves, you should always try to stay kind and harmonious with nature. Whether life decides to put gifts or challenges before you, seeing 555 means you need to chin up and engage with the world with joy and gratitude.

Path to Clarity : 555 & 555Hz Benefits



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