Relieve Back Pain with Meditation

Meditation is an ultimate technique and way to cure several diseases and reduce stress.
Relieve Back Pain with Meditation

Meditation is an ultimate technique and way to reduce several diseases and stress of mind. From the ancient time, people do believe brooding over about the inner search and methods for getting the peace of mind. Also, the people who are suffering from back pain can also relieve back pain with meditation techniques. Millions of people have back pain issue and when medical treatment gets failed meditation can help you out.

There are many meditation techniques available according to the suitability of different individuals because each human being has separate comfort levels. Through meditation you can become strong and positive from inside and outside. Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayama are quite significant but still opposite from each other. Pranayama is the method of controlling your breath with several conditions.Yoga postures contain physical movements and Meditation means to sit calmly and watch the panic area with consciousness and awareness. Let’s have a brief look at some techniques to relieve back pain with meditation:-

Sit calmly:

It sounds easy but trust me; it would be a little bit difficult initially because our physical body is in the habit of moving all the time so as the mind is. What you need to do is-
Choose an appropriate and peaceful place, where no one can disturb you for half an hour.
Sit properly and straight, you can sit on a chair or wherever you feel relaxed, keep your hands in relaxed position.
Close your eyes gently and just be calm.

Simple breathing:

Our breathing is one of the most important part for surviving. Have you ever noticed that whenever you get angry, your breathing mode gets changed? It becomes faster and whenever you are happy and calm, your breathing becomes deep and slow. Many researchers and studies have proved that breathing has a deep connection with human body and mind, and if you are able to change your breath, you can change yourself.
Now gently and calmly take a deep breath in and out. Do this process slowly.
Observe your every movement, while inhaling, watch the breath going deep near to the belly button, and while exhaling, watch the breath touching your nostril parts from inside.
To start with,it may feel difficult but the regular practice will make the process easier.

Watch carefully:

Your attention reveals up an energy, which creates a positive and negative aura around you and the related person. Our Earth is the great source of energetic electrons and when a person gets connected with these electrons then he/she can cure many mental and physical issues. Relieving back pain with meditation is also included in it. Watch the breathing process attentively, if you get interrupted with the noise or something else, don’t get upset and do not notice, just continue your meditation.

Scan your body parts:

Feel the powerful energy has been generated in your body and is roaming around all over the body. Try to see and scan your body parts from inside do not open your eyes. Look at your feet and each finger of feet, then legs and thighs and so on. Continue the process for some minutes and make your concentration more attentive and strong. Watch your body part one by one and one part at one time. Do not hurry up because it can disturb you.

Pin the point of back pain:

Now it is time to click on the pinpoint of your back pain. Watch and find it out carefully, you will be surprised to know that there will be a particular point which will be present in the affected area. It can take several days also to find out the appropriate point, so do not worry. Pin your attention on the point for few minutes. In the beginning you can do a 10 minutes meditation session and after that increase the time duration.

Just relax:

Now after the whole process just relax and be calm. You can lie down on the floor or on the bed for rest. Watch your thoughts and your physical activities, do not suppress your ideas and body movements. During meditation, your physical body can do many things and activities do not worry about it, it’s totally natural.

Stretch the body muscles:

After the 15 to 20 minutes session, you can open your eyes and gently stretch your muscles. Do not sleep during meditation because many people get to sleep and think that they were doing meditation, it’s wrong. For relieving back pain, the whole process only demands your concentration and attention.

Things to be noticed while Meditation:-

Each science and each process has some rules and regulations, it also applies to meditation. With these rules, you can perform better and get fine results.

  • Choose the exact time for meditation, it doesn’t matter morning, evening, or night time, but when you feel relaxed and comfortable.
  • Make sure to eat light food before meditation, so you can concentrate better. Do not starve also, it will interrupt the process.
  • Try to wear loose attire.

The result of Meditation:

Through meditation, many people get a new life and are cured fromthe critical body issues. Meditation is not a magic, it is also a science for awakening your hidden energy and the experts believe that each person is a great source of universal energy.
The more you will practise, the more you will get experienced. There are no adverse or side effects of meditation; even you will only have the positive benefits. It will take some time so have patience, but after some days you will notice the sudden changes in your mood, in your concentration quality, memory and back pain.

So try to follow all the instructions as given and live a happy and healthy life.

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