Mantra for Good Health & Healing | Om Shri Dhanvantre Namah | Full Mantra, Meaning, and Chants

Dhanvantri Mantra is a powerful healing tool and mantra for Good Health. Dhanvantari is an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism.


ॐ श्री धन्वन्तरये नमः

It is a powerful healing tool and mantra for Good Health. Dhanvantari is an avatar of Vishnu in Hinduism. He appears in the Vedas and Puranas as the god of Ayurveda. In this mantra we seek his blessings for sound health for ourselves and/or others.

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Wishing you all good health, love and light always!!

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  1. Hi i am a torn mother since childhood i was very negative fearful worrisome perhaps depression it is only now that i realise it i am now 55 yrs but now my son of 29 who took birth due to my mistake because dr told that i will deliver the next day but after dr went i was shouting too much that they inserted scissors and force me to give birth to my son later i have known that he was born is several negative nakshatra moola kaal sarp dosh pitru dosh i have done the shantis but now i have known that my son was like me in childhood fearful worrisome stressed had later now due to his low self esteem negativies introvert got 2 heartbreaks and he got anxiety overthinking panic attacks and hard smoker which now he has got erectile dysfunction. He went to an urologue who did 4 injections of testetorone but very small effect he does not want to take antidepressants, a friend sent him lama fera healing and he is less stressed but if fear for the future and his sexual problem please advise me thanking you devi from mauritius

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