Geminid Meteor Shower! Hidden Facts & its Profound Spiritual Significance

Many other ancient civilisations have seen them as divine messages from the gods
Meteor Shower Special

What exactly is a meteor shower?

A meteor shower occurs when our planet Earth’s orbit intersects with the orbit of a comet. As a comet travels, it often leaves a trail of small space rocks and debris behind. When Earth passes through this trail at a specific time of the year, these space rocks or debris particles fall into our atmosphere at a very fast speed. They burn up and create bright streaks of light in the night sky. These streaks of light are what we call meteors.

What is a Geminid meteor shower and where does it originate from? 

The Geminid meteor shower gets its name from the constellation of Gemini as it appears as if the meteors are falling from the constellation Gemini. Geminid meteor shower is unlike any other meteor shower as it doesn’t originate from a comet but from an active asteroid called 3200 Phaethon, named after the Greek mythological character, Phaeton, who was the son of the Sun God Helios. 3200 Phaethon is a very unique asteroid as it acts like a comet. It develops a tail, like a comet, when it gets close to the Sun. This behaviour is rather strange for asteroids. 3200 Phaethon even has an orbit that brings it very close to the Sun, which is odd for an asteroid. Its closest approach to the Sun is even closer than Mercury’s, which is super fascinating.

Spiritual Significance of Meteor Showers in Different Cultures

Different cultures throughout history have interpreted meteor showers as a potent time, each with its distinctive interpretation. In Greek mythology, meteors were seen as departed souls visiting their loved ones on Earth. Ancient Native Americans saw them as a message from their ancestors or spirits. Many other ancient civilisations have seen them as divine messages from the gods, like warnings or predictions about the future. But not everyone liked meteor showers – some cultures thought they brought terrible things like war and famine. Regardless of the interpretation, the spiritual significance of the meteor showers has been compelling throughout different cultures in human society.

What can we do today?
As the meteors has been falling from the asteroid 3200 Phaethon into our planet. We can see this event metaphorically as a way of getting downloads or information from the Universe. One powerful question we can ask ourselves during this time is: What does the Universe want me to know that I’m pretending to not know? We usually have the answer deep within us, but connecting with that aspect might take some time. Give yourself plenty of time to connect with the divine. Listen, truly listen to the divine in you.

We could also use this time to cast our manifestation and intention.  Also don’t forget to harness the power of the new moon that just passed, the energy of the new moon is still in the air, catch it and use it alongside the energy of the meteors for your manifestation. Be very specific and clear to yourself and to the Universe about what you want to create and manifest into your life.

This can also be an excellent time for some inner or shadow work. Some of our ancestors used to be really terrified of the meteor showers. We could use this time to get in touch with them by enquiring ourselves about what was really underneath all their fears. What were they actually terrified of? Usually, our ancestral line runs very strongly on us, and often times, we end up inheriting not just their physical features but also their trauma and wounds. Take this opportunity to address their trauma and wounds and be present for them. Use this opportunity also to become aware of your wounds and trauma, make space for them, and give lots of love and nourishment to your wounds and trauma.

We have also made a very special track that we would like to share with you today in honour of the Geminid meteor shower. Meteor showers are always very special to us, we are absolutely fascinated with them and love this time. We hope you take advantage of this beautiful time!! We hope you enjoy this track as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Sending you lots of love and light. More 432Hz Music is here

PS Don’t forget to go outside tonight and catch the meteors 🙂 

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