Benefits of Chanting Om Namah Shivaya

Learn the amazing benefits of chanting this super powerful mantra. Om Namah Shivaya

Among all sacred utterances, Om Namah Shivaya is the most prevalent mantra which has been recited by spiritual seekers for ages. It means “O salutations to the auspicious one!”, or “adoration to Lord Shiva”, or “universal consciousness is one”, and thus chanting it connects us with Lord Shiva’s eternal presence.

Helps us deal with our fears

Fear is the mind-killer. Even if we try to hide from them, they eventually find and devour us. Om Namah Shivaya fills us with the courage to confront our most impairing fears. It makes us aware of the all-pervasive presence of Lord Shiva and helps us understand that our deeply rooted fears are mostly the tricks of the mind. Remember, Om Namah Shivaya is a reminder of a mostly forgotten truth about ourselves: We are connected to the Whole and we are stronger than we think. 

Enhances cognitive abilities

A mind should be peaceful and quiet to function properly, thus an overburdened mind is equivalent to a malfunctioning gear. When there is too much on our plate, when all we think about are worrisome chatters, it becomes harder for us to channel attention to what matters.  Chanting Namah Shivaya tames our minds and slays the shackling worries. It alleviates the short attention problem and brings us closer to striving for meaningful endeavors. Basically, it frees the mind and also enhances it further.

Removes negativities in and around us

Having to deal with negativities all the time takes an undeniable toll on the mind. They make us resentful, bitter, and unfulfilled. We need to address them as soon as possible or else they will infiltrate our lives.

With its exhaustive influence over our mental and physical realms, Namah Shivaya can be used to remove negativities from the mind and unlock our real potential. Its empowering sounds bring joy to the Atman soul and helps us raise our vibration and strengthen our radiant body. 

It’s better to try and see its effects for yourself

There is a vast amount of experimental evidence for the benefits of Om Namah Shivaya. Yet the experience is individual, so is the path to transcendence. We encourage you to explore its healing waters yourself. Let our recitation composed with Tandav Beats help you find inner peace. Listen to its spirited melodies and see how chanting along with it empowers the mind.

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