Happiness - How to Be Happy Now

Happiness – How to Be Happy Now

Happiness is a state of mind, but often a times we delay our happiness because we think that something in future, or possessing or having a certain circumstance will make us happy. Here are 8 simple things that you can do right now to make yourself happy. Try it out.

  1. Meditate. A simple breathing awareness meditation can be very effective in letting all the thoughts, worries and tension out of your mind, and bring that calm. Here is a guided meditation that can help.
  2. Exercise  Do good to yourself. Exercise makes your body happy and mind will follow. Exercise releases the same hormones when we are happy. So trick your mind by going out there running in the woods or doing those pushups 🙂
  3. Bring some positive thoughts : Easier said than done, but here is what you can do. If you are focusing on the negative things, worrying about something, then take a paper and start writing down what good things happened in last 5 years. It may be difficult at first. But think about what events made you happy, what surprised you, what experiences you got in life. Life is not always good, great.. But we all are bound to have our share of good and bad things, but we have choice on what to focus on. Good things or bad things. Choose Good things..
  4. Let Go .  Let go everything… just surrender yourself to life… Do not plan, do not expect, just let everything go, just drop that burden that you have been carrying. All the baggage. All the things that you need to achieve and aims you have to conquer. All the anger you have inside, just follow the plan of the universe. You dont have to resist anything, just go with the flow. What ever happens – let it happen. be effortless, be calm,
  5. Go, spend some time with your friends / family
  6. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables and drink water.  We do not realize, but what we eat is what we become. What we eat and drink has a great impact on how we feel. Eat fresh fruits, veggies and good 6-8 glasses of water everyday, and see the difference in your behavior, you will be more positive, more fresh, more full of energy.
  7. Appreciate. : When we are unhappy, its very hard to appreciate ourselves. But, we can definitely appreciate others. See the magic of appreciation when you give others genuine compliments. If no one is around, appreciate the nature, appreciate the good things in your home, appreciate the maker of the phone you use everday for calling others, appreciate the good things in you… its all in our mind, what we focus on. When we focus on appreciation, you will see that you can definitely find 3-4 things and then 10 things.. you can appreciate about.
  8. Deep Breathe… Simple as it sounds