How to Use Mantras for Healing: Scientifc Benefits of Chanting Mantras

Chanting Mantras offer several benefits. Learn how to use Mantras effectively for Healing Body and Mind.

Mantra is a sacred utterance of word, sound or short phrase which has psychological and spiritual influence. Continuously repeated either aloud or silently, a Mantra penetrates the depths of the unconscious mind and helps in attaining spiritual connection and also assists the body in healing itself. OM (AUM) is the most basic mantra or Seed Mantra. The single word OM produces the sound and vibration which allows you to feel one with the nature. The vibrations of the mantra chanting repeatedly stimulate the energy chakras. Desired health benefits can be achieved if we chant a particular mantra by focusing attention on the specific part of the body which is to be healed. In short we can say that Mantra is the living force of God and very useful for healing besides spiritual growth.

How to Use Mantras

Mantras are the easiest tools of healing as they need very small effort. By chanting mantras with feelings, you are simply activating the energies already lying dormant within you. Mantras not only provide spiritual benefits but also help in psycho-physiological healing. The sound vibrations and frequencies of mantras have shown enormous healing advantages as every mantra produces a unique sound and vibration that when recited stimulates various parts of the body and gives relaxation and natural healing. Sound frequencies of each and every mantra have the capacity to heal one’s life in a miraculous way. The pure sounds can liberate us from fear, awaken our intuition and even repair our DNA. When mantra is chanted while focusing upon a specific part of the body that requires healing, the healing energy starts flowing to that particular part, energy flows where attention goes, and heals very quickly. We can open/balance all the seven energy chakras by chanting different mantras which make the body fit and healthy. Everyone has hidden, amazing spiritual and healing powers but those who are able to balance energy chakras with the help of mantras can tap all these potentials.

Scientifc benefits of Chanting Mantras

Alfred A. Thomas, Doctorate in Medicine from Paris School of Medicine found that chanting sounds have therapeutic effect on the body. Chanting calms the bodily system and activates the body’s natural process. It also helps in getting rid of addictions like smoking, alcohol and drugs. Marian Diamond, a professor of Anatomy at the University of California, Berkeley also confirms that chanting helps in increasing immune system.

Dr. Watkins, a senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London, in the recently carried out research demonstrated that musical structure of chanting can have a significant and positive physiological impact.The chants are said to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, increase performance hormones level as well as reduce anxiety and depression. Dr Alan Watkins also confirmed that when we chant, the vibration of the sound calms the nervous system. It also reduces stress and increases memory power.


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