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Join us for 30 DAYS of CHANTS Journey. 30 Days of Mindfulness, Peace and Bliss



Gobinday Mukanday Udaaray Apaaray
World Saviour. Emancipator. Benevolent. Boundless.

Hareean Kareean Nrinaamay Akaamay
All Extinguisher. All creator. Nameless. Desire Less.

~ Understand ~ Meditate ~ Chant ~ Sing Along this beautiful Mantra
~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally.
~ Cultivate Mindfulness.
~ Enjoy the Journey.
~ Smile

Download Gobinday Mukanday Mantra – HD Wallpaper

Gobinday Mukanday Mantra Wallpaper Download

Gobinday Mukanday Mantra Wallpaper Download