Mantra for Kundalini Awakening : Mannai Paavahi

 Kundalini -a sanskrit word means “coiled one”. It means the primal hidden energy/potential/power located at the base of spine (Root chakra or Muldhara). It is lying coiled at the base of Spine,yet to be found & awakened.It is that treasure which has been left unused & untapped.

If awakened /activated,we can use this energy to the dimensions which may seem to some quite miraculous.

Kundalini awakening means that consciously or unconsciously, that hidden energy is activated and we can do the things or perform actions which otherwise seem to be impossible. For example ,when a runner, a dancer or a singer performs exclusively well , his kundalini is awakened without a conscious effort.

But, yes, we can also consciously awaken our kundalini by Meditation and breathing exercises. When we meditate, focussedly from our Root Chakra to Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and finally Crown Chakra & when the finiteness of our body assimilates itself in the infiniteness of the universe, Kundalini is awakened. Then the limited energy converts into unlimited treasure house of Energy. At that time, we, our creation and the Creation of our Creator become one. But the journey has to start from within & then go higher & the highest.

Let us chant this mantra ————, meditate and liberate ourselves from the limitedness of our being to the Infinite powers within ——


mannai paavahi mokh du-aar.

mannai parvaarai saaDhaar.

mannai tarai taaray gur sikh.

mannai naanak bhavahi na bhikh.

aisaa naam niranjan ho-ay.

jay ko man jaanai man ko-ay.

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