Here is the Best Music that will Enhance your Meditation Practice – And not completely distract you.

It is always good to incorporate music into your meditation practice, rather than sitting silently. There are many benefits of including music and the main being that it can help you to bring more focus into your practice. When we sit in silence, particularly when we are starting out, it is very easy to get distracted by anything that happens in and around us. Well-designed music for meditation can help you to keep your focus in your practice. Music can really enhance the practice when you are sitting in a noisy area, like an airport or when you are traveling to work in a subway. It can help in blocking the external stimuli and bring the much-needed attention and focus during meditation.

If you are starting to incorporate music in your practice, googling it will give you various different sorts of music which you can use. This includes ambient music, to chants to nature sounds. So which one can you choose? Everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you. The best way is to experiment with different genres of music and see what works for you.  We have chosen some of the beautiful soothing tracks to help you in your mindfulness practice.

Music based on 432Hz Miracle Tone

Music based on 432Hz is known to naturally calm and soothe the mind and helps in relaxation better than conventional or commercial music which is mostly recorded in 440Hz. It can also lower the heart rate and encourage slower deeper breathing.

Divine OM

Chants can be very effective in meditation and if you are starting out chanting simple mantra “OM” can help to really ease that stress and tension out of the body. Simply chanting in your mind along with a well sung OM can be more effective for some than just listening to music. Know more about OM, its Significance and how to meditate using Om Mantra here

Chakra Meditation Music

While some people prefer meditation because it helps them to relief stress and tension and allows them to perform more efficiently, and there is another branch of meditation which works on balancing and unblocking chakras – our 7 primary energy centers, which helps us in all aspects of life – be it mental, emotional or physical. If you would like to know more about chakras, here is another post which can help you to learn more about Chakra Healing.

Solfeggio Frequency Music

Solfeggio frequencies are known for their various beneficial effects on mind and body. As cells of the body tend to resonate in harmony with these frequencies, they can help in making the meditation practice more helpful. Know more about Solfeggio Frequencies and their Significance here.

Music with Nature Sounds

Nature Sounds and well crafted music can help a lot in bringing that peace and inner calm. They bring us closer to nature and bliss – the thing which we all miss in our daily hectic lives. We might not be able to travel to a waterfall daily for our mindfulness practice, but thanks to these nature sound tracks, we can meditate along with the sounds of nature. The playlist here does a very good job of fooling the brain that we sitting in nature 🙂

A good way to measure what works best for you is to see if you feel rejuvenated and fresh after your practice. And once you figure out what works best for you, it can take your mindfulness practice to whole new level.

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