432 Hz – Unlocking the Miracle of Inner Healing

Everything in this universe is in a constant state of vibration.

It’s not just 432 Hz or 528 Hz frequency music — You, Me, our earth, birds, trees, the sun and even the things that you can touch, feel or see. That hidden energy. That Aura. It is this vibrational energy that creates and defines what we send out to the universe and what we receive. When we get stressed or worry too much, or get angry or get perturbed by something, all these million things change our vibrational energy. And each and everything thing has an effect on this energy, people we interact with, the clothes we wear, the things we eat, the grass we walk on, the sky above us. We are not alone, we are part of this whole vibrational system, we are part of this dance of energies. Maybe we ignore many things, we don’t see many things, still, everything is impacting our vibrational energy. And over the years, we get little misaligned. Our energies become misaligned. We start getting sick, we start getting headaches, we body hurts, our emotional state gets disturbed, we get very touchy… and 100s of various other things.

When this happens, understand that its time for us to align our energies to that of nature.

Align ourselves with nature, align ourselves with the universe. and become part of this extraordinary dance. and you don’t have to try to become part of this nature, its opposite actually. You have to stop trying. Stop resisting what is. Stop pushing yourself. just relax, relax and relax. Let it all go. Let it all merge with the flow. let yourself merge with the flow.  And as you resonate more and more with nature, merge yourself with it, that your true nature… your body will start transforming. your inner cells will start transforming, your energy will start transforming, your nature will start transforming, your emotions, your way of talking, your way of walking, everything will change inside out. Simply by not trying. not resisting, just embracing your true nature, by becoming one with that nature. I think I have diverted too much from the 432Hz frequency, but it’s more important for us to understand the above, and then 432Hz music will automatically make sense.

Its – the 432 Hz Frequency – is the Nature’s Music.

The frequency with which our body naturally resonates. The music tuned to 432Hz automatically becomes more calm and soothing. Those positive vibrations and healing energy for 432Hz music help in aligning our energy, our vibrations to that of earth and nature. And sound waves are one of the best ways to align our energies, as the resonance is very powerful. And that’s why it’s very important to take care of the sound environment around you. A constant traffic noise and other industrial sounds can really misalign our energies very quickly. Also, have a soft music based on 432Hz in the background will help you in your journey of aligning yourself with nature, with this your true self.

We have created this 3 Hour long music based on 432 Hz frequency, which you can use for Meditation as well as background sleep music. We hope this healing music will help. Many Blessings and Peace all the way.

432 Hz Healing Music

432 Hz Healing Music – Unlock your inner healing powers

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