We musicians normally tune our instruments to 440Hz. Thats the frequency of Note A in the musical Scale. Its also referred to as concert pitch. Almost all the commercial recordings, songs, music, are made using this standard practice. Where if 10 instruments are playing, all are tuned to a standard 440Hz frequency. All are in tune and music sounds good. This practice is so standard that its hard to find tuners in the market which support any other frequency than this standard frequency. where A is 440 Hz.

But thats just the frequency of Note A we are referring to. 440Hz. Rest of the Notes, A#,B,CC# and so on will have other frequencies in reference to Note A. The Chart for this can be found here : http://www.liutaiomottola.com/formulae/freqtab.htm .
Look at Note A – Octave 4 and rest all the notes are then derived from this.

Now as research have shown, 440Hz is not something natural, and more naturally occurring frequency is 432Hz. So when we make music in 432Hz, we simply mean we are now taking A note to 432Hz and will be tuning rest of the notes relative to this. SO here is the chart that gives frequency of rest of the notes :

Its not a single frequency on which this entire universe runs. Nor this frequency is good or bad. There are infinite frequencies at which this universe resonates. and if we take A4 as 432Hz, and derive the musical scale from there, we find that more such occurrences of resonation with nature and natural elements occur.

Below is one of our experiments with 432Hz Frequency. We took the sounds captured by the Microphones on board the Voyager 2 which is now roaming somewhere in the outerspace, way beyond our solar system. But many people have asked a very valid question. Since there is total vacuum in outer space, so how come we could get these sounds? These sounds are generated by the electromagnetic energy interactions with the microphones on the Voyager 2 spaceship. We took these sounds and extracted 432Hz and its harmonics from the sound. And used these to generate some music from outer space.
More 432Hz Music and other Meditation Music is available on our Youtube Channel Here : http://www.youtube.com/TheMeditativeMind