Our body is not just a physical body but is also an energetic system and Chakras are the major energy centres in our body which are believed to be part of our subtle body. Our body has 114 chakras but 7 are the major one. These main seven Chakras are associated with particular colors, sounds and parts of the body. They are not only associated with our physical well being but also connected to our emotional and mental health.

Significance of Chakras to Life

1. Root Chakra

If the root chakra is not opened one feels unbalanced, insensible, unstable and insecure. The person whose root chakra is opened, is very much connected to the physical body and trusts people around him/her. If it is unbalanced/under-active, one feels nervous and fearful. In some people Root Chakra is overactive; those people are generally greedy and attached to the material things. So, there is need to balance the Root Chakra. Yoga and physical exercises help in balancing the chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra

This chakra deals with feeling and sexuality. If the chakra is unbalanced and under-active, you tend to be unemotional and insensitive and do not open to anybody. Over-active chakra makes you over emotional and very sexual.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

After this chakra is opened, you feel good and dignified in yourself otherwise you feel passive and indecisive. A person’s behavior is aggressive, if the said chakra is over-active.

4. Heart Chakra

Heart chakra connects lower chakra to upper chakra. This Chakra is associated with Peace, Love for self and others, caring, relationships, compassion, empathy, awareness, forgiveness, grief. If the chakra is under-active, one’s nature is unfriendly and cold. The overactive heart chakra leads to high blood pressure, palpitation and heart attack. Persons having unbalanced heart chakra live in fear, grief, anger, hatred and jealousy. So there is a need to balance the Heart Chakra for peaceful and healthy life.

5. Throat Chakra:

Fifth chakra also known as Sacral Chakra is located at the base of the throat which controls the thyroid and endocrine system. Throat Chakra is associated with creativity, communication and self expression. Under active chakra makes the person feel low in self-esteem, shy, liar and unable to express properly. Over active chakra person tends to speak too much and also a bad listener. Balance chakra regulates the flow of hormones and all the functions of throat and head. One can balance Throat Chakra and can become more effective communicator and confident by meditation.

6. Third Eye Chakra

Third eye chakra is located in the forehead slightly above the eyebrows. Everyone has amazing intellect, intuition, wisdom and spiritual power but those who are able to open and balanced sixth chakra can tap all these potentials. Under active Third Eye Chakra leads to confusion. For thinking more clearly and to develop imagination and awareness one has to balance Third Eye Chakra.

7. Crown Chakra

Considered to be the highest of the seven chakras and regarded as a gateway to the energy of the universe itself. It is a very subtle chakra and opening this chakra opens door to connect with our higher self. Crown chakra is also called Sahasrara – a bridge to the cosmos. Under active chakra tends to make a person rigid in thoughts. Unbalanced crown chakra tends to create depression, boredom, frustration and greed. For self-confidence and spiritual insight balance Crown Chakra by doing the meditation.

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