Diving into Deep Space | New Solfeggio Music Series

Our new series – Diving into Deep Space features soothing music based on 9 healing solfeggio frequencies, combined with the sounds of space and ocean.

In the coming days as we upload new tracks we will keep updating this page. Alternatively, you can also Join us on Youtube, and enable to notifications, so that whenever we upload a new track you will get notified.

1st track track from the series features two amazing miracle tones 963Hz and 285Hz – The Frequency of Gods + Tissue Healing Frequency and there is a secret sound derived from voice of one the largest sea creatures. Listen and see if you can guess it?

2nd track from our Diving into Deep Space series explores 852Hz and 639Hz miracle tones, to open our third eye chakra and the heart center.

Read about 639Hz benefits.

Read about 852Hz benefits

3rd track explores 741Hz and 174Hz miracle tones, for removing toxins and pathogens from our body and boosting the immunity.

Read about 741Hz benefits

Read about 174Hz benefits

4th track features 528Hz miracle tone, which is known to bring positive transformation. If you feel like you are stuck, meditate along with this frequency music. This is also the frequency for activating Solar Plexus chakra – the center of our inner power and self confidence..

Read about 528Hz benefits

5th track features soothing 417Hz : The solfeggio frequency which helps in removing/cleansing negative energies in and around us + 256Hz : the primary frequency to balance the Root Chakra. . Our fundamental energy center.

Read about 417Hz benefits

Latest Music

Deep OM Mantra Chants with Water Sounds ✡ Stress Relieving Brain Calming Nature Mantra Meditation

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This combo of 2 Frequencies makes the most Powerful Miracle

This combo of 2 Frequencies makes the most Powerful Miracle

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This Kundalini mantra will help you wipe out negative energy

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  1. When I listen your all music vibrating my spine really vibrating I can fell it why it’s vibrating?

  2. may I use your music for commercial use?

  3. Dear John, Our music is currently not available for commercial as well as non-commercial projects. We are working on a separate licensing catalog. So new set of music will be available via our licensing portal within a week’s time. Thanks for your understanding.

  4. Can I use your 852hz + 639Hz Diving into deep space sounds for make my new meditative video on you tube channel..?

  5. Is there any way to determine which album a particular track on YouTube is offered? Or are the tracks on YouTube only available there?

  6. Dear Vinod, We are currently not licensing our music for any commercial and non-commercial use. More information is available in our FAQs

    Thanks for your understanding and support.

    Much Gratitude

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