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Meditative Mind App - Meditation Music

I can feel my heart vibrating in my chest. There is a tingling of energy flowing out in ripples, like gentle waves. There is a cleansing & an invitation to heal. Much gratitude to Meditative Mind for this powerfully healing sound.

This is quintessential Meditative Mind! The intention of these mantras is beautifully amplified by the peaceful ASMR quality of the vocals & strings, as though they are speaking to us in person.

Meditative Mind, you guys have no idea about the meaningful impact you have on the lives of people around you. Your music, and your audio pieces are so very soulful that they cannot help but bring tears to people’s eyes.. Keep up the good work, and never stop spreading the light.

Make your meditation & yoga practice more musical.

We have composed and recorded exclusive music from around the world to make your meditation & yoga practice more musical. Meditative Mind App features Ancient Chants by Choirs, Indian Flute Music Collection, Hang Drum Music, Shamanic music and much more.

Sleep Better & Faster

Specially designed sleep music based on healing frequencies to help you sleep better and faster.

Stay Calm & Focussed

Mantras and Ancient Chants to bring deep inner calm and focus to your meditation practice and into your life.

Stress Less

Healing music and nature sounds to detoxify and let go of all the stress and tension.

Towards Happier You

Take a step towards happier you, with chakra healing meditations, chants and music .

Take your favorite meditation music with you.

We have worked really hard to make it super easy for your to download tracks for offline playback. So no matter where you are, you have your favorite meditation music with you.. always.


Meditative Mind App

It’s all about music, mindfulness and positive vibes.

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