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Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend you read through these FAQs, if you are facing any issues using the app.

What kind of content is available in the app?

Currently we have Chakra Healing Music and chants, Solfeggio Music, Frequency Healing Music, Guided Meditations, Sleep Music, Nature Sounds for relaxation, World music to help you in your meditation journey. We add new music, chants and sounds every week.

Is it free or a paid App?

It is free app to download and install. Also we have lots of tracks freely available, so you can start meditating and experience the app fully without any fee. We do have a lot of premium sound content such as long format sleep music tracks, extended versions and healing camps and sadhanas which are accessible via monthly subscription.

Can I download the tracks?

Yes, Offline download feature is available to everyone. (whether you are on the subscription or using the free version of the app) . You can download any track you have access to, by pressing the Download Icon on the Track listing screen.

Free accounts are limited to 3 downloads at a time. Premium upgrade offers unlimited downloads 

How can I rewind and forward any track?

To Rewind : Go to the track playback screen, press the button left to the “Play/Pause” button, marked as 60s, this will rewind the playhead by 60 seconds.

To Forward : Go to the track playback screen, press the button right to the “Play/Pause” button, marked as 60s, this will forward the playhead by 60 seconds.

    How can I mark a track as my favorite?

    If you like what you hear, you can mark it as your favorite in the big track playback screen. Look at the bottom of the screen and press the “red heart icon” to mark any track as your favorite.

    How can I browse the App without closing/stopping the track?

    If you would like to browse the app and the content library, without stopping the track, you can minimize the track by tapping on the down arrow on top the track playback screen. This will minimize the track, without stopping the playback, and you can continue to browse through the app.

    Where can I see all my offline downloads?

    All the offline tracks are saved inside the app. So you will be able to access them from the app at multiple places.


    1. In the Track Listing Screen. The downloaded tracks appear with the slightly greenish background and download icon is filled with dark bluish/purple color.
    2. From Home Screen : In the Home Screen, press the 3 colorful dots on the top right hand side. From the menu, select “Offline Downloads”

    How can I unlock all the content?

    In order to unlock the premium content, you will need to subscribe to the Meditative Mind Premium. You can access the subscription screen in following ways.

    1. By Tapping “Unlock Premium Content” on the Home Screen
    2. By Tapping any Locked Content , Track or Series

    On the subscription screen, pricing pertaining to your country will be shown. If you agree to the pricing and billing terms, you can proceed by tapping the white “Subscribe Now” button at the bottom on the screen.

    Depending upon the device and your preferences, subscription sign-up will happen through Apple In-App Purchase functionality. Once subscribed, you can close the subscription window. At this stage, you should have access to all the premium content.

    In a case, where the screen does not refresh, due to network issues. Please kill the app, and open it again.

    How can I request for deletion of any data stored on your servers?

    When you contact us for any support enquiry, we store. your name and email address in our servers to better assist you. In case you would like to delete this data, you can email us at [email protected] requesting the same. We will delete all your emails and data from our database.

    We are working towards releasing the apps on all the app stores as quickly as possible. Here are the tentative timelines for the release.

    Apple iOS

    Releasing in 2020 Q2

    Google Android

    Releasing in 2020 Q3