Every now and then, I feel that things are not right, things seem unbalanced, and that inner voice starts saying something is missing. Today is that day. And I wanted to write it all down, and share it with you guys what I felt and I am hoping that next time I feel this way, I can come back to this post and pull myself out of this thinking phase faster.  Everyone has a different prespective, and different way of looking at things. So, If you ever feel this way, I would encourage you to meditate, go inside yourself, dig deep and find your own meaning , find your own purpose. Its ok to get lost, so you can do some soul searching. Here is what I feel and it might be very different from what makes sense to your soul 🙂

Real Purpose of Life

Live. Live it Fully. Enjoy every moment of it. Put all your energy into this very moment. Smile at small things. Be grateful for everything that comes your way and everything that did not. Go spend time with you family and friends, that matters the most. Universe has choosen you to make their lives as beautiful as you can. And to do all this, you do not need much. 

Then why its is so hard to do that?

I have realised, that when we start running after future or get stuck in the past, things start becoming difficult. Its mainly the worry of future. Its not that we are thinking evil – our intentions are very geniuine and rational.  Will I be able to pay that mortgage, what if I loose my job, and I am sure everyone has their own what ifs and they keep on changing every month. There is  and there will always be something else to worry about. 

This worrying takes us away from the present. Away from our purpose. I have to remind myself to loosen up. and focus on today, focus on this moment when I am out with my family, my wife and kid. They deserve my very best and we all are together in this moment to make each others lives more beautiful. 

Purpose of our work

Give as much as you can to the world. Whatever energy, resources and gifts Universe has given to you, use them to create, and give it others, contribute to the lives of others, to make this world a better place for generations to come. This life and this body has been given to you to create and contribute. Its your choice how will you use it. Its your choice what change you will bring, what will you create. We are not here to accumulate, instead we are here to give. At the end of this life, we wont take anything along with us. What you create will be left here. It is not yours, it just came through you. Anything you have, does not really belong to you. It does not belong to anyone, its there for universe. Even your body, its not yours. 

Then why our work creates so much of stress?

I have realized if we keep on doing things which do not make us happy, it creates stress. Thats the universe’s way to tell us that we are doing something wrong. But I also agree that sometimes we have to do things just to get by, to earn our basic needs. Thats how we created this society. Its not ideal, but we should still try our best everyday to do the work, which makes us happy. Thats the extra effort we have to put. I have realized that – that extra effort takes all the stress away, thats the universe talking.

And if you have not figured out yet what makes your soul sing, try out everything, atleast keep an hour or so for this. Search your soul, and once you have found what makes you really happy and content, devote that hour to it. That hour is for the universe to speak through you, for the creativity to create through you. Its not yours to keep, its for the world to enjoy.

To be continued..

I will keep on updating this as and when I reflect upon this more. Hope this will help you. Many Blessings and Peace all the way!!

Dilpreet from Meditative Mind