There’s a source of energy present in every living being, being protagonist of a natural dimension of its existence and that works as a nourishment, which is more indispensable than food, but it is also included in it. This kind of energy found inside of us and anywhere has several names given from different cultures, like: Prana, Chi, Qi, Ki nam and Ruhag. Unfortunately, the concept promoted in the modern culture about the human being and how life works still doesn’t give enough importance to this dimension of our health, paying more attention to the resources and the knowledge to obtain external power or material benefits.

Harvesting your Inner Power requires to be aware of this source of energy that brings health for our physical body, strength and quietness to our mind and transparence to our Heart, as the flow of this prana, when it’s balanced, allows us to be ourselves synchronized with the flow of life to expand our potentialities in harmony. You will also find the real courage to face your destiny, not through ego but through the confidence that the Universe is sustaining you.

There are many methods to re-discover and expand this energy. Once you start, your self-confidence grows spontaneously and your stamina increases. But the awakening of the Inner Power isn’t just about increasing that energy but it’s also about balancing its different types or elements. Now, we’ll explain how is this possible.

Conscious Breathing

The main symbolic association of Prana or vital energy found in history is related to the breath. The importance given in Yoga or Tai Chi to conscious breathing comes out from the same roots as the primal breath of life related to the Bible. Our first sign of life once we’re born is the breath, and that’s also the last thing we do before our death.

In the yogic philosophy it’s said, that our life isn’t counted by the amount of time we live but by the amount of breaths we’ll breath. It depends on ourselves to spend that ‘money’ wisely by breathing correctly or just waste it. In the same way, the simple act of taking one deep and slow breath clears your mind, connects you to the present and thus with what you really feel or need.

The importance of breath to increase your stamina is also scientifically explained. Our cells require oxygen to work properly, spend less ATP (energy) and prevent illnesses. If you don’t breathe with your whole capacity (it means including diaphragmatic breathing) or your breath is irregular, you’ll be closer to develop health problems of any kind.

Healthy and Organic Food

As we said, this vital energy is present in the whole creation, and that may include any food. The closer your nourishment to the original source, the better you will obtain their benefits and this vital energy. When foods are processed their properties get altered and by synthesizing nutrients for foods or medicines, the bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals get reduced and the body can’t take almost any profit of them.
When it’s about food, it is also important to remember the aspect of balancing this energy, because there’s a classification of it, usually in 3 main types: Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. The ideal strategy according to ayurvedic medicine is to reduce the intake of tamasic foods (the most of the processed foods, drinks and flours, as well as the most of animal proteins), and balance it with the ingest of the rajasic (onion, ginger, salt, citrus fruits and spicy foods) and sattvic foods (vegetables, seeds and nuts). Through these changes in your lifestyle you discover that the main power everyone needs to achieve real changes in their life is not physical and those heavy foods are not as necessary as you thought.

Yoga and Physical Exercise

Just as blood flows through our physical body, this Inner Power needs to flow harmonically, because we are just a channel of that energy, which is constantly shared with the whole Universe. We are not just containers of it. One of the most important differences between yoga or Qi Gong and sports is that, besides training and strengthening body and mind, they also work on the alignment of the nadis or ‘veins’ through which this energy flows.

Nevertheless, physical workout is also necessary, specially for men, because the muscular contractions applied when anaerobic exercises are made improve the capability of the new cells to use the oxygen and nutrients optimally by activating the Krebs/TCA cycle. In other words, with yoga you get the alignment and learn (or remember) how to breathe and with the physical workout you allow your body to capitalize on that new oxygen and organic food you’re intaking to heal faster.

Visit Natural Places more often

The civilization we are actually living in is based on a denser or materialist conception of human being. Therefore, is necessary to escape once in a while from these environments to connect to our origin and our holistic reality, where we are essentially connected with nature, being just one cell of this living planet.

One of the keys to be empowered and full of energy in a healthy way is to stabilize our immune system, because when it’s constantly working under stress (technically called allostatic overload), it consumes a lot of energy and eases chronic illnesses, depression and mental disorders. But if you get close to nature the immune system will find balance easier and the organism will recover the energy to live plentiful, as through senses it detects that you’re at ‘home’, so it can work more efficiently and rest. That’s why yoga retreats and the easiest moments to find quietness and listen to our heart are close to natural environments, because you’re visiting your original home.

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