What is a Mantra and how it Heal ourselves through Mantra Chanting Meditation

Mantra chanting is associated with the most ancient religions and spiritual practices, which combined with the use of music has been turned into a therapeutic resource in many cultures.
What is a Mantra and how it Heal ourselves through Mantra Chanting Meditation

There are several meditation techniques to include in a meditative practice and mantra chanting is one of the best. Here we explain how it works for healing

Since the history of mankind begun, sound has been associated with life, healing and spirituality. Every time we need some calm and peace of mind, we try to find a silent and quiet place, or some relaxing music and natural sounds. If we maintain the habit of daily and profound meditation at least a few minutes per day, we’ll be able to achieve that quietness regardless of the externals and also to hear the ‘voice of our soul’ (intuition) with more clarity.

Mantra chanting is associated with the most ancient religions and spiritual practices, which combined with the use of music has been turned into a therapeutic resource in many cultures. Beside of the generic effects of music and relaxing sounds, the resource or ‘technology’ the Mantras and Naad Yoga has its specific effects and mechanisms required to work efficiently, and we’ll describe them below.

Resonance and Repetition

One of the biggest contrasts between a Mantra and a common word is that its meaning is closely related to the effect of its resonance in our body and therefore, in our mind and spirit. For example, if you say ‘cat’, you know what it means because you’ve learned that word as a social construct transmitted through language, which is connected with a specific image. In the case of a Mantra, its meaning and the variations of it will only depend on how you chant the Mantra and not because of what you’ve learned about it, which are just references. Explaining the meaning of a Mantra in a few words is usually impossible, therefore it becomes mandatory to experiment them to understand its message.

And to experience it deeply we repeat it, and a lot of times. Both short and long Mantras are commonly repeated due to very important reasons. When you chant a Mantra constantly, being aware of its echo in your head and body, you’re also printing a real effect in your electromagnetic field (aura) and balancing your neuroendocrine activity. Our mind is also connected with some thoughts or frequencies better that with others, and with this practice we find how to ‘change the tune’ of that radio to better vibrations that promote healing and awareness.

Mind Projection and Visualizations

The word Mantra is a composition made from two words: ‘Man’ (mind) and ‘Tar’/’Tra’ (projection). So, Mantra -as explained in Naad Yoga or Yoga of the Primal Sound- is a technology to project and ‘dome’ the mind and its hyperactivity, usually through chanting but it also works in silence if the practitioner is really focused, because as we said, it also connects the minds to different levels of consciousness and reveals specific aspects and qualities of it.

For example, the Mind can be positive, negative and also stay neutral. Also the mind can help us to improve our connection with the Heart and true compassion, and its relationship with the emotions and subconscious dimension can also be healed. The religious use of mantras for devotion is meant to connect the prayer with the archetypal facet represented by the deity he’s praising to, allowing him/her to introject that aspect.

Here you can find the Seed mantras related with the seven Chakras for healing and balancing your emotions

For some Mantras, colors, images and even desires can be asked to be projected through the Third Eye while the Mantra is chanted. This way, it gets combined with the creative power of the Mind to achieve dreams, by giving more details to them and using intuition to find new ways to solve hard obstacles.

Faith and Honesty

As healing Mantra Chanting isn’t a practice just for the body but also for mind and soul, therefore it has to be respected as a technology for an our holistic self, which includes also how we really feel those chants coming out from our Heart if we sing them. This way, you may find the power to project your goals and the inner voice (intuition) will be your best friend, as you’ll discover the pleasure of a quiet mind disposed to serve.

A soul which is really committed with its dream will be very focused on the Mantra and its voice will resonate deeper in the Universe. Also, even though both resonance and repetitions are very, very important, if someone becomes into an expert about how to chant them but still doesn’t have control over its mind and emotions or a profound intention, the impact won’t be as powerful as it could be.

Practitioners also need to be careful and honest, because if this technology is used to manipulate others, specially if the prayer already knows what to do but are using those mantras to evade its responsibility, the effect of this Mantra could worsen the problem in a short or long term.

So, with Mantras we’re able to discover keys to achieve states of health and awakening that we could not even imagine. If you start the practice of chanting Mantras, here in Meditative Mind you will find some of the most famous ones, as well as beautiful background music to improve your peace of mind and focus to chant them from the Heart.

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