Value Education – the need of the Hour

Value education is the first need of 21st century children and the teacher’s role is most significant because in the fast changing world of today, the parents spend less and less time with their children who suffer the torture of living in disintegrated families and are left to their own lot. 

Written by Mrs. I.P. Bhatia

In the ultra modern and materialistic world of 21st century today, the need of value education is being felt strongly.  A complete erosion of values has led to an eclipsed society riding with turbulent, impatient youth with sleeping souls.  Look at the choices of today’s youth! According to survey conducted by Foundation of Organisational Research, chance to earn a lot of money was found to be the most important factor for taking up a job.  Doesn’t it point towards a society taking us to the heights of selfishness and that too in India – a country known for its heights of spiritualism – a  land of Rishis and Mahatmas and saints.  But that is only one side of the picture, the other side is all the more horrible – I was stunned to read a newspaper headline “Rape of a minor girl in a Delhi school.” On one side, our so-called national leaders and educationists are holding conferences and seminars on devising new ways to inculcate the moral values among young kids and on the other side, those very great leaders are watching helplessly and silently the naked dance of immorality.  The saddest and most gloomy part of the picture is that  ‘the alma-meter’ which has the responsibility of an all round development of a child has been converted into an arena for playing the most immoral and unethical acts.

Anyhow, this is only a factual and true to life picture of what is going on.  Now quite optimistically and devotedly, we each one of us, must take up the responsibility on our shoulders because it is too late to escape.  The teachers and the parents should join hands to revive old Indian culture heritage and imbibe values i.e. sanskar into the young minds.  One more question is very relevant here and  that is “can values be taught from the text-books?’ I don’t recall we ever studied Moral Education as a subject – Values: the simple reason being that values cannot be taught from text-books.  It is the total environment including the school, the home and the society which can imbibe these values in the young minds.

The teacher’s role, it can be said, is most significant because in the fast changing world of today, the parents spend less and less time with their children who suffer the torture of living in disintegrated families and are left to their own lot.  At the most sensitive and impressionable age, they get exposed to various unstructured and unhealthy influence of society. The problem is worsened because today we are living in world which has squeezed into a global village – thanks to the most modern ways of communication and interaction like TV, Cable network and internet etc.  The children of today’s world have everything except the most valuable thing “Values”.  How many of the parents or grandparents take the trouble of telling bed time stories to their children ? 

So it has become most vital today that the educational institutions must take the charge and fulfil their duty towards the nation and also towards the mankind to save it from its doom.  In the present competitive world, stuffing the young minds with more and more knowledge appears to have become the sole objective of our educational institutions – Too much stress on the curriculum content has resulted in fading away of human values.  The perils are already visible in social turbulences and human misery.  T.S. Eliots asks”

“Where is the life we have lost in living ?

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge ?

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information ?”

So first, our teachers must discover for themselves that education is not the packing of information in the head but cultivation of the head and heart to make out the meaning of life.  In other words, “Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know.  It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.

Teachers are the owner of the noblest profession on earth, rise to the occasion and take the reins in their own hands and present themselves as real life role models.  It is rightly said, ‘A mother gives birth, a teacher gives worth.’ So buck up teachers!  It is only you who have the capacity and capability to change the world – change the history- know your worth and prove it.  The day you determine to change the face of the earth, none other than you would be more adorable.

So let’s hope that days are not so far off when the educational institutions will regain their lost lustre and become temples of learning- temples out of which students will come out not only enriched as persons who have good professional career but also as persons who respect their parents & elders – who know how to behave-who know how to ‘Live life’ because mere existence is not “Life:.

 About the Author : Mrs. I.P. Bhatia is a School leader and educator having an experience of more than 30 years in school education and leadership.  She has been writing articles on Children Education, their Behavioral patterns in various age groups and role of parents, school and teachers in bringing up children.

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