Best Music & Mantras for Meditation, Healing & Sleep

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Top 100 meditation music tracks

We have compiled a list of top 100 most loved meditation music tracks of all time. Save this page, so that whenever your meditation reminder buzzes, you can come back here, hit play and enter a mellow and soothing state of mind with these relaxing and calming music favorites of all time. And best of all, it is all available to listen for free

RANK 61 to 80 :  These 20 tracks contain mix of World Music featuring indian flute music, powerful miracle tones such as 528 Hz, 639Hz, and our staff’s favorite – music derived from natural surroundings such as forests, rivers and mixed with healing frequencies. And Ofcourse mantras. especially 11 Hours OM mantra vibrations, which you can use to cleanse any space, be it home or office. And if you resonate more with frequency healing music, you can use 417Hz music to wipe out negative energies from inside and out.

Yoga lovers will find amazingly soothing and rhythmic music of hang drum and tabla at number #77 – filled with positive energy.

# 61

World Music

This Indian flute music, based on Indian Classical Raaga -Yaman, has an amazing restorative and relaxing effect. Surmount all the negativity that is wearing you down and immerse yourself in spiritual royalty.

# 62

Frequency Healing

The three miracle tones (432 Hz, 528 Hz, and 639 Hz) to get yourself one step closer to serenity and the encompassing love. Bring lasting positive transformation to your life by their soothing combination.

# 63

Frequency Healing + Nature

Nature is the place where love flourishes. Feel the power of this enchanted forest music at 528 Hz and bring love and positive transformation to your life by this mircle healing tone.

# 64


The origin of cosmic unity lies in vibration. With the OM Chanting and Tibetan Singing Bowls, the sound of everything reverberates in you and surround you with the radiating positive energy.

# 65


Karpuragauram Karunavataram is an empowering Shiv Mantra. An incredible protector against threats and negativity. Change the vibrational energy inside your body to conquer the toughest challenges and acquire prosperity in all walks of your life.

# 66

Frequency Healing

Played @432 Hz, soft melody helps to relax the body and mind. Cherish the healing power residing in your mind while listening to this angelic music, and wander through the calm waves of mindfulness.

# 67


963 Hz and 528 Hz angelic music to attain a calm state of mind. Get away from overwhelming stress and become harmonious with your surroundings by its restorative melody.

# 68

Frequency Healing + Mantras

11 is the Master number. Guiding your soul and the universe at the same time. Experience the unbreakable bonds with you and the whole with the help of OM Mantra Vibrations, specifically played for 11 hours and 11 minutes. 

# 69

Frequency Healing

Divine melody @417 Hz to remove the unpleasant patterns from your subconscious mind. Cleanse your inner world, remove negativity from your home and office, and let its changing powers carry you to a more stable life.

# 70

Frequency Healing

Soothing 741 Hz music for removing toxins from your body and getting rid of toxic thoughts. Then experience the power of emotional freedom and self-expression with its detoxing effect on the spirit.

# 71

Frequency Healing

One miracle tone to raise positive energy and vibration. One other to release tensions from body and mind. Foster your inner world with the combination of these two Miracle tones, 963 Hz and 432 Hz, and achieve a more balanced life.

# 72


Sometimes we get overwhelmed. This brain calming music is a powerful facilitator for you to relieve stress from your mind and regenerate the nerves on your body.

# 73


432 Hz along with the calming sounds from an evergreen forest, it helps you to get away from the worrisome thoughts, and to surround yourself with nothing but positivity.

# 74

Frequency Healing

Raising positive vibrations enhances your well-being. Dissolve the anxiety within and cherish the pulsing life around you by the healing and relaxing sounds of this 432 Hz Miracle music.

# 75


Six mantras, all with deep powers, all with strong transformational effects. Welcome the positivity that these chants bring and empower your Radiant Body by letting go of all of the fears holding you back.

# 76


OM SO HUM is a simple and elegantly powerful mantra. A great connection to the cosmic being. Attract the spiritual energy towards yourself and experience inner stillness by leaving all the mundane worries behind.

# 77

World Music

Rhythmic hang drum and tabla music to make your meditations more peaceful. Be mindful of what’s happening around you and feel the sun shining brighter by listening to its positive vibes.

# 78

Chakra Healing

Pure 192 Hz tone to strengthen the connection between what you think and what you say. Cleanse your Throat Chakra and empower yourself by the ability of honest expression.

# 79

Frequency Healing

This soothing music played at 639 Hz is a facilitator of tolerance. Feel the love within, embrace, and then spread it to solve all the relationship problems tainting your aura with negativity.

# 80

Frequency Healing

174 Hz as the main root note and 528 Hz as the secondary note, this music is composed to help you heal from physical and emotional wounds. Nourish the cells in your body with their regenerative melodies and reduce your stress levels for a peaceful inner life.