Symphony of Yoga – Relaxing Yoga Music

Symphony of Yoga - A perfect song to calm down the nerves. A relaxing synergy of Hand Drums and Tabla gives birth to one soulful music which binds our body, mind, and soul.
Symphony of Yoga through Relaxing Yoga Music

“Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life” – B.K.S Iyengar.

Yoga is a journey to our true soul crossing all boundaries and huddles. Yoga nourishes you for who you are and enlightens you in every possible way. Each yogic techniques and asana initiate motivation, peace, and positivity within us.

About Raag Yaman:

Raag Yaman is known as one of the core musical raag in our Indian Classical Music. The rhythmic compositions of Raag Yaman stimulate peace and work as stress- buster to our brain. Raag Yaman is usually played in evening, to end the day, peacefully and stress-free.

Symphony of Relaxing Yoga Music :

The Relaxing Yoga Music is a perfect song to reduce our unnecessary stress and thoughts resulting us to mental drainage. This peaceful song eliminates all our negative vibrations, in and around us and spreads harmony and wisdom.

The classic combination of Hang drums, Tabla, and Mridangam, gives birth to this blissful song. These musical instruments generate a soothing wave of peace and bliss around us with the overwhelming outcome. These tunes ease our nervous systems and boost our immune system. Performing our asana with this song in the background, we experience fresh and positive vibrations in and around us. A positive environment boosts our mind with good thoughts and ideas. This song initiates in peaceful flow sleep at night and boosts our mood. The synergy of these musical elements makes this one soulful song of relaxation. The song inspired by Raag Yaman balances our body, mind, and soul.

In a stressful and tensed environment, performing yoga asana with this relaxing music benefits us with best positive outcomes. Listen to this melodious song and let the power of this song create magic inside you.



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