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Bolo Shiv Shambho - Mantra to Eradicate Negative Energies

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Bolo Shiv Shambho - Mantra to Eradicate Negative Energies

Shiv mantras have a huge cleansing and protective powers. They help to eradicate all the stress and negative energy in the body, soul and mind. and chanting shiva mantras help in developing inner strength. Shiv mantras are known as "Raksha Kawach" meaning Protective Armour. It protects us from negative energies, diseases and our own internal fears. While chanting this Lord Shiva Mantra - inhale deeply and chant along, and let every cell of your body feel the vibration of the chant, your own sound energy, let every cell resound with your own voice and chant. and meditate, and focus on your inner energy, focus on how you are becoming stronger and powerful inside and out... like Lord Shiva... We all that inside of us.. Chant along... and meditate.


Bolo Shiv Shiv Shiv

Bolo Shiv Shambho

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