Sleep Meditation – Use these Techniques to Help with Insomnia and to Sleep Better

Meditation Music helps to pure the mind, sleep better and cure Insomnia
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Good sleep is very important for new energy as well as for physical and mental health. Getting a proper and deep sleep is necessary for body growth and development. Have you ever noticed how a baby sleeps? A baby sleep is said to be the most relaxed and deep sleep mode. Here, in this article we are going to introduce you to sleep meditation techniques to help with insomnia and sleep better with sleep music, sleep meditation music and relaxing sleep music. Keep your eye on the whole article and this is surely going to help you if you are having a sleeping trouble or insomnia.

Now in modern days, people are so busy with their messy lifestyle. Wrong eating habits, improper routine, and imbalanced lifestyle has imbalanced the sleep. Laptops and Smartphones are new trends and new partners of a person. The metro and mega cities condition is worse than that of small towns. People are forgetting to sleep naturally. Gone are the days of that natural sleep when one will put one’s head on a pillow, close eyes and at once get to sleep.

Why Sleep is so necessary for Life

According to a study, in modern countries, most of the people can’t sleep without sleeping pills. Whereas the countries are developing more, the natives are forgetting to sleep properly, which is leading them to depression and other mental disorders.

Experts say that sleep is much more important for life ; a person can live without water for 21 days but a person can’t live without sleep for more than a week. It means that sleep is much more required than water. you will find a number of remedies on the internet regarding better and relaxed sleep; do this and do that but all are temporary ways. If you are looking for a strong and effective way for better sleep you must go for sleep meditation or also called Yog-Nidra.

What is Sleep Meditation or Yog -Nidra

Sleep meditation is the term and a practice of doing some breathing exercise, which calms up your brain and helps you to sleep fast and well. Sleep meditation is a natural solution for better sleep and it makes you more energetic for a new day and keeps you relaxed. Most of the people have been facing the sleeping disorders or difficulty in easy sleep, which is also known as insomnia.

The experts say that worrying about sleep can be a big reason for insomnia, which generates the Beta waves in your mind and Beta waves are responsible for mental activity and consciousness. And if a person has much of the Beta wave in the mind, one can’t be able to sleep naturally.

In Sleep Meditation, different Techniques have been used for Improving Sleep

Sleep Meditation Music

Sleep meditation music helps to get well and deep sleep with different kinds of sound system and instructions. Sleep meditation music includes a variety of sound frequencies that directly affect your brain functioning and promote the relaxing mode of the mind, this term is also known as Yog-Nidra in spirituality.

You can do sleep meditation with audio and video mode . Download the favorite meditation music and practise for some weeks and you will get the appropriate results for sure.

How to do Sleep Meditation

First of all lie on the bed, stretch your legs and make yourself comfortable, make sure to wear loose clothes during sleep meditation.
Now gently close your eyes and listen to the sleep meditation music and instructions carefully.
Try to take a deep breath, inhale and exhale slowly and watch your breathing style and mode carefully.
In Yog-Nidra you need to perform slowly and attentively, watch the inner energy that is roaming inside you.
Take a deep breath and watch your different body parts step by step, like feet, then legs and so on and feel that your body is blessed with positive energy and aura.
The whole process will help you to sleep better and soon.

Sleep Music

Music is said to be a powerful influencer and healer component of human life. From ancient time kings and emperors liked different kinds of instruments and sounds in different modes. This is a fact that music has power to cure a man’s pain, stress and mood swings. The different kinds of music affects a person differently. Here we are talking about sleep music.

Need not wonder how music can help for better sleep but that’s true. There are some special kinds of music available at music stores and online, which are specially made for better sleep. Music is popular for healing several diseases and mental disorders but it is also a good source of reducing insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

However scientists have been still discovering the amazing health benefits and other effects of sound waves and vibrations on the human body, but one thing is certain that music is the finest technique to cure insomnia and make you sleep better.

How Sleep Music Works

Sleep music is specially created for those people who had sleeping disorders, the people who can’t sleep without pills or any other drug.
The people who have more active mind must add the sleeping music into their routine.
Sleeping music works on different tones and waves, and affects your different relaxation points, which helps to make you feel relaxed and calm.
There is different frequency sleep music available and a person can choose according to the choice.
Sleep music also contains solfeggio music frequencies, which is also beneficial for insomnia.
Meditation with sleep music can also relieve stress and migraine, so it makes you feel better and active for a new day.
There is nothing can be compared with a deep, calm and better sleep and you can get this with sleep music techniques.
Sleep music includes Indian flute music, which plays on different nodes and when you listen to this at night, you will feel, that it directly hits your heart and slows down your brain activity, which makes you sleep fast.

Relaxing Sleep Music

Ancient Greek people and Roman people were used to listening to the music for treating different types of pain and injuries. They considered the music as a natural anesthetic and believed that music can do many miraculous changes in human’s life.

What is today’s life? If you see closely then you will find the fatigue, tension, workload and so many things to do. Millions and billions of people are suffering from sleep disorders and insomnia. Some of them are very disappointed because of a hectic lifestyle.

Many people join different motivation and activity classes but you should understand that inner change is necessary. A well and deep sleep come from inside, nobody can help you with that but a relaxing sleep music can help you for sure.

Relaxing Sleep Music and Meditation

There is a huge difference between meditation and sleep. Yes, these are quite contradictory. In meditation, you are awake from inside but in sleep, you remain sleepy from inside and outside. But one thing is similar that both are useful for peace of mind.
A better sleep is a need of every human being. If we combine meditation and relaxing sleep music then you can practice both together. Now experts and scientists also agree on one point that relaxing music is a powerful source for achieving better sleep and relaxation of the mind.

According to the several researches and studies on few patients who were listening to the relaxing sleep music in hospitals, it has been found that those particulars patients were having better sleep and that helped them to heal faster and make them more energetic than others. Let’s talk about some effects of meditation on your sleep

Meditation helps to be in the Present

Most of the people can’t sleep at night because of so many worries of tomorrow. Meditation helps to be you in present time and a close introduction of yours with yourself.
People do lots of efforts for keeping themselves busy because if they will be free then lot of negative things and thoughts will attack their poor mind, which they can’t handle. When a person sits calmly and starts taking a deep and slow breath, then this procedure makes him more attentive and calm.
Meditation is all about concentration on you; it’s like a mirror, which shows your own reflection. Meditation is a better technique for better sleep because when your body and mind is in calm status with less activity you can enjoy the deep sleep at night.


Other Health Benefits of Sleep Music

Sleep music and relaxing sleep music is said to be a treasure of hundreds of health benefits without harming your health as well as money of course. Let’s take a closer look at some health benefits of sleep music and relaxing sleep music

Meditation is also an effective way to generate Melatonin hormone which is responsible for better sleep. Melatonin hormone also promotes brain functioning, happy mood, healthy immune system and releases the anti-oxidants for the healthy body and healthy mind.
The people who do meditation on regular basis have much better Melatonin level than non-meditative people. Melatonin is stated in the Pineal gland, which is responsible for 6th sense activities and further brain functioning.
So if you also want a better and effective sleep as well as a better and a healthy lifestyle start meditation. You can also use sleep music with meditation technique.

Sleep music helps to relieve stress and reduces the stress hormones, which releases during much brain activity and generates Beta waves that are responsible for brain activity.
Sleep music lowers the heartbeat as well as blood pressure level, which helps you to sleep fast at night.
Sleep music is also effective for better memory because lack of proper sleep can damage your memory skill and can make you a forgetful person.
A better sleep is worthy of a better health and immune system, so sleep music can help to boost up your immunity as well as it works like a brain booster as well.
With sleep meditation and sleep music, you can fulfill your goals easily and take the decisions better.
Sleep music and relaxing sleep music can help to maintain neurological imbalance.

According to Harvard Medical School  study, 2015, sleep meditation is an effective way and a mind-relaxing technique and one of the most powerful solutions for curing insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.

After a 6 weeks study on middle-aged people, who were suffering from insomnia, it has been claimed that sleep meditation helped them a lot for getting a better sleep and peace of mind. Those people feel less depressed, less fatigued and have less sleeping disorders.

So do not bother much, accept the natural ways and techniques and you will surely get the expected results. If there is a trouble, there is also a solution. What only you need is a little patience and courage.

One can cure critical situations related to mental disturbance and enhances the suicidal instinct in a person through healing music.
Each person has different healing aspects ; so choose the appropriate music frequency according to the trouble.
Healing music is also helpful for cardiac health and blood pressure related issues.
Healing music is effective for concentration and meditation and sleeping disorders.
The experts believe that healing music and solfeggio frequency music can be effective for neurological disorders as well.
Music and a perfect harmony in our life is essential and a way of nature. Stars and moons are in perfect harmony so as the human body is. The properly maintained and well cared harmony is necessary. So find out the new way and get connected with the divine.

Here is a beautiful rendition of  Deep Sleep Meditation Music for Insomnia which you may use for Meditation.

YouTube video


Sleep Meditation - Use these Techniques to Help with Insomnia and to Sleep Better

Sleep Meditation – Use these Techniques to Help with Insomnia and to Sleep Better

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