Mantra  Sa Ta Na Ma
SA – infinite and source of this universe

TA – life or birth of form

NA – transformation of form

MA – rebirth

More Information:
SA TA NA MA Mantra is composed of 5 seed sounds in the Universe (SSS, TTT, NNN, MMM and AAA.) Its an atomic form of Sat Naam, Which means Whose Name is Truth.
These 5 sounds create the vibrations that can transform, that can heal, that can make you calm, and brings the balance back in yourself and around you. It is also known as Mantra for Change. If something is not working out physically, financially, emotionally in your life, just make a routine to chant this mantra. Or just be around the vibrations of sounds where this mantra is being chanted and feel its effects.



Download Hi-Res Wallpaper with Meaning of SA TA NA MA

Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra Wallpaper with Meaning

Sa Ta Na Ma Mantra Wallpaper with Meaning