Root Chakra – A Detailed Guide to Healing your First Chakra

Out of the 7 chakras, the Root Chakra as the name suggests is the foundational or the first chakra. With its origin in the Sanskrit name – ‘Muladhara’ – meaning root and support.  It is located at the base of the spine (near the tailbone) or the groin area and gives support to the other higher […]

Out of the 7 chakras, the Root Chakra as the name suggests is the foundational or the first chakra. With its origin in the Sanskrit name – ‘Muladhara’ – meaning root and support.  It is located at the base of the spine (near the tailbone) or the groin area and gives support to the other higher chakras.

If you have felt anxiety, stress and generally under-confident while approaching new challenges and want to find balance in life, then you have to heal. You have to heal the root chakra because it is imbalanced due to various reasons explained later on.

And before I dive into how you can heal the root chakra, you have to understand the context of why is it that you have to heal. There are different ways and specific science involved with root chakra healing. And below I have provided a detailed guide and everything you need to know to open the root chakra and live a happy life.

What is Muladhara?

The animal nature in us, the survival instincts which determine the flight or fight mechanism arise from the root chakra or Muladhara.

Muladhara takes its root in us in the embryo form and starts developing by guiding us towards the procurement of our basic needs, security, and stability in life. And if you have faced any kind of trauma or adversity, especially at an early age, the root chakra has been affected and has suffered blockage. 

The root chakra is the link between the physical world and the energy that flows within us and the entire universe. It is the life force that motivates you to eat, sleep and drink to survive.

These are a few significant characteristics which the root chakra influences or is influenced by:
  • A feeling of safety and security
  • Survival
  • Confidence in gaining change 
  • Basic physical needs (food, shelter, etc.)
  • How grounded you feel


The Symptoms of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

There can be several reasons for an imbalanced root chakra and it involves both physical and emotional symptoms. But to fully understand what is causing the imbalance, pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, and any physical sensation in your body.

The Physical Symptoms to pay attention to:
  • You could face problems in the bladder, stomach and digestion problems
  • Back pain, Cramps, pain in the legs, cold feet
  • Eating disorders and lethargy
  • Love handles and thick thighs
  • In men, prostate problems may develop.
The Emotional Symptoms to pay attention to:
  • Low self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Facing trust issues
  • Trouble in making decisions
  • Increased anxiety levels
  • lack of concentration
  • Increase in negativity towards yourself and others
  • Find it difficult to be yourself around others
  • Panic attacks

Some people have found it hard to deal with life and they are somewhat disconnected from the world, they have very little motivation to face challenges and fear clouds their minds. This happens in the case of the Under-Active root chakra.

Similarly, some succumb to dominate others and thus crave for security. Hints of Materialism, harmfulness and also multiple sexual relationships are observed for Overactive root chakra.

diagram showing position of root chakra

The Need for a Balanced Root Chakra

When the root chakra is balanced, all of the above symptoms start to dissipate, you start letting go and connect with this world. The connection is best explained as a positive vibe you start gaining from your surroundings, people and even your thoughts. 

The reason that the root chakra is blocked because you have felt insecure for a good amount of time in your life, your basic needs were not fulfilled. So, if the basic needs are met, you will no longer feel insecure and worry less as the days go by. To do that, you have to adopt ways to heal the chakra and that will ultimately lead to a realization of safety and security.

You will start feeling grounded in the reality of the world. All of that anxiety and trauma that you had faced will surface and you can learn from them, to grow. And no longer feel burdened by problems, which were never really there.

8 Ways to Heal the Root Chakra

A few first steps towards healing the root chakra can be to develop a connection with a higher self, it can be God, Mother Nature, the Universe, whatever you may choose to believe in. There are other things like cooking, hiking, taking a nature walk (preferably naked feet), gardening, these are earth-related activities and can greatly help with you feeling grounded. Here, trusting the process of doing these activities is crucial.

There are many methods you could adopt to heal the chakra like the ones mentioned below. But do give a try to all, to settle on the ones which work best for you.

1. Meditation Techniques

There are a lot of techniques that work well for balancing the root chakra. You can try approaches like focusing on the nose while seated – as the root chakra’s associated sense is ‘smell.’

Secondly, you can visualize a red orb near the groin area while in a seated position. You must try to establish a connection with the earth (imagine your root chakra is connected with the earth.)

Third, we have a guided Root Chakra Meditation for anyone who is getting into meditation or wants a good flow of undisturbed meditation. We have found that this method works great for beginners.

2. Mantras and Chants

The seed mantra for the root chakra is LAM which is a single syllable word pronounced as ‘llllaaaaaammmm.’ This sound matches the vibrations of the root chakra and helps in activating this chakra. The dormant powers and unprocessed emotional traumas resurface and this is a good thing to get fully healed.

For practicing the chanting of the seed mantra, pronounce the mantra along with the chant in the video below. Synchronize your breath with the chanting and focus on the vibrations created by the mantra chanting.

3. Sleep Meditation Music 

In addition to meditating via root chakra chanting, you can also heal the chakra by listening to sleep meditation music that we have prepared.

To effectively use the music, we recommend to play the music on speakers at a low volume (almost to a whisper) while sleeping. We also recommend not consuming any heavy meal before sleeping as it will disturb the sleep pattern. 

Focus on your breath and visualize a red sphere at the base of your spine while sleeping. As you inhale the sphere expands and as you exhale it spreads this energy throughout your body and you slowly drift into sleep. The screen will automatically turn black in a few minutes.

When you wake up, before opening your eyes, rub your palms together so that they become warm, and then place them over your eyes. Feel the warmth, the energy. And then slowly lift them up. Now open your eyes to this amazing new universe, new day, new smiles with an open heart.

4. Affirmations

The Affirmations work to realign the root chakra. Repeating them multiple times a day or whenever you sense that the chakras are not balanced can be very useful. These are some:

  1. I see myself as a mountain, Stable and Solid.
  2. I am grounded like a tree.
  3. I Feel Safe and Protected.
  4. I Feel Full of Energy, Strength, and Courage.
  5. I Love my Life
  6. I am Peaceful Soul

We have made a guided affirmation video for the above root chakra affirmations. You can view it below.

5. Asanas and Other Physical Techniques

Yoga is very important to balance the root chakra. Wear something comfortable and get started with grounding yourself with gratitude.

The above video specifically guides you through each yoga pose. Practice the yoga along with the video and follow through carefully to get the poses right. There are also physical exercises that you can do like dancing, kicking and punching to release the stored tension from your body.

6. Gems, Jewelry and Color

Gems and jewelry

By wearing stones and jewelry made of Red Jasper, Garnet, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline and other crystals such as Smoky Quartz and Citrine, you can unblock the chakra.

It is best to keep the stone over the chakra while meditating or even wearing it.


The color for the root chakra is red. The color red is the densest of the colors and the slowest of wavelength. It is this color that we first come in contact with, the color of blood. The color of life. The color of survival. Wear this color to positively influence this chakra.

7. Food and Diet

The nutrients that we intake can benefit our body or can harm us too. All organic food is beneficent and if you can eat some specific foods related to the root chakra, it will only help.

  • Eating red foods like beets, red berries, tomatoes, and strawberries.
  • Grounded foods like potatoes, radishes, beets, and other root vegetables.
8. Muladhara Mudra

Mudras are a way to attune ourselves with specific vibrations in the universe. In order to balance your root chakra, mudras are very beneficial. You can practice the mudra for 2 -3 minutes daily in the mornings and evenings.

Prithvi Mudra:

Pritvi mudra for root chakra

For this mudra, touch the tips of the thumb and ring fingers together, with the other fingers straight. Prithvi Mudra gives you stability and instills confidence. It grounds you to the reality and reduces stress as well.

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