OM  is the basic sound of nature and when we chant OM,  OM mantra is a vibration and mostly chanted  at  the beginning of meditation or yoga session.   This mantra can be recited by everyone, irrespective of religion, caste,  creed or nation.  It is considered to have high spiritual and creative power.

Every word we speak is an act of creation. But we do not understand our own power. Breath is God’s gift of life and when we use it to utter sounds, those sounds carry the creative power of the universe within them, setting up a chain reaction in the cosmos.

OM is a mantra of realization and  internal bliss.  By chanting OM,the ego,the I’amness is lost & One is merged with the Eternal One.

Chant the mantra slowly and feel the vibration. Chanting OM gives personal strength, purity, piety, excellence and grace. It also relaxes the mind, tunes the nervous system and controls the blood pressure.

In nutshell, chanting and listening to OM makes you experience indescribable Joy which leads him from darkness to light. It balances the energies of generating, organizing, and transforming principles.

We recently recorded OM Mantra which features very Deep and Powerful Chants. Its now up on Youtube.

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