Best Music & Mantras for Meditation, Healing & Sleep

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Top 100 Tracks

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Hit play to enter a mellow and soothing state of mind with these relaxing and calming music favorites of all time

# 91


One syllable to melt away stress, anger, and fear. Concentrate, chant along, and welcome the positive energy of the universe through the most well-known bija mantra: OM.

# 92


6 Ancient Vedic and Kundalini mantras to imbue your mornings with positivity. Implement them in your daily meditation routine and let the day be changed for the better through these positive energy mantra chants

# 93


Angelic humming at 432 Hz + 528 Hz attracts serenity and inner peace. Calm your overactive mind at the bedtime with its soothing melody and immerse yourself in a deep relaxing sleep.

# 94

Frequency Healing

285 Hz miracle tone has a regenerative effect for physical tissue damages. Take it as a companion in your meditations and let the soothing tones of Marimba help heal + repair your body.

# 95


Harmonious soundscape played at 741 Hz to purify the mind and the body. Remove cell level toxins and cleanse your aura from negativity by its detoxifying your energy vibrations.

# 96

Frequency Healing

417 Hz music helps you to establish balance in your life. Face the troubling thoughts occupying your mind, and wash them away with the resting sounds of ocean waves.

# 97


An energy attracting melody played at 639 Hz to help you balance your Anahata, in other words, your heart chakra. Meditate while listening to this healing soundscape and get one step closer to pure love, pure compassion, and most importantly, the pure joy of being alive.

# 98

Frequency Healing

Overstressing may block your chakras and provoke negative emotions. Use the power of 528 Hz, and cleanse your aura for an everlasting positive transformation.

# 99


Mystical yoga music played under the rain, accompanied by chirping birds.  Feel the positivity around you through the rhythmic sounds of hang drums and tabla, and achieve a peaceful state of mind through calming sounds of flute and nature.

# 100

Frequency Healing

Sacral chakra is crucial for transformation. The miraculous 417 Hz tone has an incredible healing power on it. Clear away all the emotional burdens you have through its melody, and replace the numbing negativity with the eye-opening positivity.

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