Day 22 | AAD POORAN MADH POORAN – Mantra to Live in the Moment

This mantra is a tool to break mind's habit to delay happiness, delay living. And bring us back to Living this Moment, to Enjoy this very moment.
30 Days of Chants - Day 22 - Aad pooran Madh Pooran - Meditative Mind - Mantra Meditation journey


ਆਦਿ ਪੂਰਨ ਮਧਿ ਪੂਰਨ ਅੰਤਿ ਪੂਰਨ ਪਰਮੇਸੁਰੇਹ ||
Aad Pooran Madh Pooran Ant Pooran Parmesaray


Aad Pooran – Complete in the beginning
Madh Pooran – Complete in the middle
Ant Pooran – Complete in the end
Parmesarey – God, Lord, The divine Force, Supreme creative being


This  Gurbani Shalok (Mantra) written by Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. This mantra is a tool to break mind’s habit to delay happiness, delay living.

And bring us back to Living this Moment, to Enjoy this very moment. Because this moment is all we have.

Every moment, every sec, nanosecond, everything is complete, perfect in all respects. The way it was meant to be.

Our being, our universe, our surroundings, it’s all complete. It is in our minds, that we make this separation, this differentiation between things, what is complete and incomplete.

This universe was complete even when we never existed here. It will be complete when we will be long gone.

All we have this Moment, And its complete in Every Aspect. You don’t need 100 of other things.

The mind has this extraordinary ability to postpone, postpone our happiness, postpone living, just because right now, the current moment,

current situation, current circumstances, are not perfect – are not complete. What this Mantra tells us is that everything inside you and outside you is all perfect,

complete in all respect. And will be. and it was always like that.

Our Being, That creative supreme energy which created all of us, was complete at the beginning of this universe when there was no time, no earth, no stars. In the middle also its complete in all respect. and it will be complete at the end of it all.


Give the ability to live in the present moment, God has created everything completely.

~ Understand ~ Meditate ~ Chant ~ Sing Along this beautiful Mantra ~
~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally ~
~ Cultivate Mindfulness ~
~ Enjoy the Journey ~
~ Smile ~

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