Universe is you and you are the Universe.

You are part of this beautiful creation and that Noor – that ray of light is part of all of us. We all are capable of creating and manifesting whatever we want. We are all made up of stars, that starry material, that magic stardust, yes, we are made up of that…. literally. not just you, each one of us, each grain of sand. you are connected to it and it is connected to you. ‘Tohi Mohi, Mohi Tohi Antar Kaisa’ – this verse from Gurbani, says it all. “You are in Me and I Am in You.. that whats the difference between you and me”

You are God and God is in You

There is no difference, and when we meditate on this when we start to feel that connection with the universe, with everyone and everything around us, then something magically changes inside of us. When we realize that we could have been a flower or a grain of sand, instead of a human being, something changes. Its all connected.

And once we grasp that part, we can understand how to manifest what we desire.

But we need to learn to distinguish between

– those little chemical reactions inside of us – which are induced because of something we saw on TV or someone else has it – enticing us to go after that something,

or its a desire – the inner desire of the soul, it is restless because you are not working towards achieving your higher self.

Something that can help

Try to look for that restlessness, that uneasiness inside of you when everything in your life is comfortable. That’s your soul speaking. It does not understand man-made concepts of money, and cars, and mutual funds. It’s an energy, our soul is energy.. it wants to be free .. our soul wants to experience life… and anything that makes it feel alive .. is what the universe has planned to manifest through you. More you delay it, more restless you will feel. So ask yourself what makes you feel alive?? and just do it every day.. feel your soul sing… And that’s what you are attracted to and that thing is attracted to you too. There is no expectation of end result then, your soul is already free… it’s not longing for the end result…

6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Desire.

How to Manifest Anything You Want - 6 Steps

How to Manifest Anything You Want – 6 Steps

Hope this has helped. Hopefully, this 963Hz Solfeggio Frequency based music will help you and meditating along with it will bring you closer to your inner universe.

Many Blessings and Peace all the Way.
Smile ~ Laugh ~ Chant ~ Sing ~ Become one with the universe!!