What is Root Chakra and How to Activate it?

Root Chakra is our first primary chakra. It’s the chakra connected with life energy. When this chakra is balanced we feel secure and grounded but it get often blocked by worrying too much and letting anxiety and stress of life take over.

How to know if Root Chakra is Blocked?

Root chakra blockage manifests itself mostly in physical symptoms. These include lower back pain, pain and stiffness in legs and feet, feeling low in energy, lacking life energy. On the emotional level, there is lingering deep insecurity which makes you act out of fear in most of the situations. 

How can we unblock and activate Root Chakra?

Since Root Chakra is our primary chakra – to activate, heal and bringing it to balance, should be our starting point. Here are a few simple things, when done regularly will start restoring the balance in this chakra.

Exercise Daily:  Physical movement and really making an effort daily to keep our bodies physically active, if the key to the Root Chakra healing. Do whatever you like to do, be it walking, running, yoga, dance.. keep yourself physically active throughout the day.

Do chanting meditation: In order to stimulate this chakra and correct its vibrational energy, chakra seed mantra chanting meditation is really effective. The seed mantra for Root Chakra is LAM. Do this chanting meditation daily. It will help you to connect with you inner energy centers more quickly so that you yourself can intuitively feel the imbalance in energies, and chanting seed mantra will slowly start balancing the chakra and elevating its energy. We created a guided meditation for root chakra for beginners and here is a seed mantra chanting meditation track you can use for your meditation. 

meditative mind recommends

Root Chakra Healing Chants: Seed Mantra LAM Chanting Meditation


Wear Red, Eat Red Stuff: Yes, colors matter. Eat red fruits and veggies will really help when balancing the root chakra. Also, wear the red color, it’s the color of the root chakra.

Use Affirmations: It’s very easy to fall back into the routine we have been following for years, and change takes real commitment and mental strength. Affirmations are a very good way to build that mental strength and train ourself out of those limiting beliefs we have been living with throughout our lives.  Here are some of the root chakra affirmations you can use.

I am peaceful

I feel safe, secure and stable

I am connected to my body

I am grounded and connected to the earth

I love and trust myself

I embrace change

What is Root Chakra and How to Activate it?

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