~ Ang Sang Waheguru ~

We all feel lonely sometimes, that feeling that no one is standing by our side. or may be someone who is close to your heart is not with you right now. Understanding, Meditating on it and Chanting this Mantra eliminates that loneliness in our hearts. And we realize that we are never alone. How can we be alone, we are part of THE ONE, and He is part of us.

What this Mantra means is that the creator of this universe, he himself is with us, holding our hands and guiding us in our every step and leading us from darkness to light. He resides in each and every cell of our being, and we are not separate from him, we are a part of his beautiful creation. ‘Ang Sang’ means always around me, always there along with me, ‘Waheguru’ the one who leads us from ‘Gu’ – darkness to ‘Ru’ – the light. He is always with us, and we are not alone. So, dont worry, dont fear anything, dont feel that emptiness in your heart, if you look deeply, and meditate and understand he is there for you, has been always there for you, and will always be, You just have to look inside and you will find him in every cell. filling every cell with the light, filling every cell with love, filling you with love. ..

Understand ~ Meditate ~ Chant and Sing Along