“The power and significance of a mantra does not result from its literal meaning, but from the power of its subtle vibrations.”

There are number of ways to do meditation and mantra meditation is one of the easiest and most effective way due to its spiritual vibrations. Today millions of people in the world are practising Mantra Meditation as it is scientifically proved and they have recognized its importance for the soul, mind and body . Chanting of Mantra for Meditation is increasing in the recent past because it has numerous benefits not only for the person who is doing meditation but also for the whole family due to its spiritual sounds that clear the negative and bad energy from the house .

How to Practise Mantra Meditation

1. Find a quiet and comfortable place in the house where no one can disturb you and break your concentration.
2. Sit on the floor in crossed legs position with your eyes closed.
3. Place your hands on the thighs preferably in Gyan Mudra i.e. bring tips of the thumb and index fingers together and form a circle. Remaining three fingers are to be kept stretched, the palm facing upward.
4. Take a deep breath and feel each inhalation and exhalation and relax your body
5. Before you chant the chosen mantra, start OM Chanting. While chanting feel the vibrations in your lower belly.
6. Start chanting the chosen mantra and repeat it at least 10 times and then recite it very slowly or internally and continue the same as long as you want.
7. With each chant you will start feeling lighter and lighter.
8. When you have finished chanting your selected mantra stay in the same sitting and silent position and feel the sensation that arise in your body. Continue to focus on inhalations and exhalations.
9. Meditation should be a consistent practice and do it daily for 3- 30 minutes and accept it as a part of meditation journey which will enlighten and purify your soul, mind and body.

Importance of Mantra Meditation

Sound vibrations of Mantra and its frequencies is the simplest way of healing, remove anxiety, stress and to wipe out negative energy from body and home, improves concentration, increase performance hormones, increase self confidence. It can open/balance all the seven energy chakras by chanting different mantras. Each and every person has hidden spiritual and healing powers and with the help of mantras one can tap all these potentials.

Mantras are also helpful in developing divine qualities i.e. compassion, love, truth, purity, fearlessness etc. The pure sound of mantras can liberate us from fear, awaken our intuition and promote to higher consciousness. It is also established that pure sound of mantra meditation helps in increasing endorphin levels which improves our mood and we feel calm and relaxed.

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