How to Let Go of Emotional Pain & Heal your Heart Chakra

In the depths of our being, emotional pain can take hold, burdening our hearts and obstructing the flow of love and joy. Yet, within the realm of our vulnerability lies the power to heal and restore our heart chakra to its radiant state.
How To : Heal Heart Chakra & Let Go of Emotional Pain

Letting go of emotional pain and healing your heart chakra is one of most beautiful journey you will ever take in your life. This is one of our first “Higher Chakras“. This is the chakra, where our body, soul and energy starts to interact the outer world. and that’s why it is so easy to get hurt, and stuck in emotional pain, and we tend to close our heart and block our heart chakra. But start with these small simple steps to unblock your heart chakra.

  1. Accept the pain & hurt : Acceptance is beautiful. Allow yourself to surrender to fully feel and accept your emotions without any sort of a judgement. When you start associating thoughts with emotions, that’s when we get stuck. If we overthinking, or questioning your emotions and circumstances,
  2. Practice self love: Do the things that you love. Before we start to open ourselves to others, we need to fill ourselves with love, so that we are available for other to experience our gifts fully. Be there for yourself, take care of your health, go for walk alone, spend time with yourself.
  3. Release those suppressed emotions: Find a healthy way to express what you are feeling. This is super important. You need to have an outlet for what you are feeling inside. Anger, sad, hurt .. find a safe person with whom you can talk and express yourself. Start writing a journal. Meditate and do the shadow work.
  4. Forgiveness is powerful. Most of the time we remain stuck in hurt and anger, when we do not forgive. Forgiveness is not for others, but for ourselves. You free yourself from the endless emotional pain when you forgive others.
  5. Heart Opening Activities: Listen to heart chakra opening music, composed in the frequency of heart. Chant Heart Chakra Healing YAM Chants . If you are new to chakra meditation, here is guided meditation which might be helpful

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