We all have power to manifest anything we want and co-create with the Universe. And its not some kind of a super natural power we are talking about but a very real and positive thing, which can bring more abundance, happiness, love in your life and in this universe. We can together raise the vibrational frequency of the universe when we start to align ourselves with it. Here are a few steps which can help in your journey towards manifesting the life you desire and let universe offer its help.

Step 1 : Get very clear about what you want.

When you are very clear about your own deepest desires, when you are in touch with that, you can take steps to manifest that. It does not matter what you want, dont be shy with yourself and universe. Its the time to dig deep and see what you are longing for.

Step 2 : Once you know what you want, its time to ask the universe.

Meditate, Visualise, Prayer – every thing helps. Whenever you can talk to the universe. Believe that there is some higher power listening to you. When you start this practice, you might not get any answer but sooner universe will start replying, and you start seeing subtle signal around you to tell you that universe is listening and responding. Bring in more focus into your meditation. Music is a great way, to bring that focus and keep external distractions away.

Step 3 : Create space and time in your life for the new positive things to manifest.

Its very easy to get in the grind and hustle and becoming busy in taking steps to make something happen, but you must also create the space and time in your life to let those new experiences come in. Time to enjoy and smile at those small experiences which make our life beautiful.

Step 4 : Give before you can receive.

This derives from step 3. You need to give away whatever is occupying your time and space to receive something new. So, whatever you are hoarding, let go. Whatever you are clinging to, let go.

Step 5 : Gratitude always.

Always and Always thank you the universe for whatever comes into your life. Do not reject, embrace it. With open arms. Everyday is a blessing of that creator to experience something new in this life, embrace it.

Step 6 : Raise the vibration in and around you.

Meditate, exercise, smile, and keep the things inside and outside in your environment clean and positive. Play positive energy music in the house and office.

Step 7 : Miracles do happen. Trust the process.

When you are ready to receive, you will be amazed how everything in this journey panned out and conspired to manifest your inner desire.

We hope that these steps will help you in your journey.

Today’s Music

963Hz is a solfeggio frequency also known as frequency of gods. Its also the frequency of crown chakra and thus has dual benefits of balancing and unblocking crown chakra as well as helping in aligning ourselves with the universe.

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