Neck Pain Healing Meditation and Exercise

Neck Pain Healing Meditation and Exercise

Neck pain (or cervical pain) is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some point in their lives. Neck pain, although felt in the neck, can be caused by numerous other spinal problems. Neck pain may arise due to muscular tightness in both the neck and upper back, or pinching of the nerves emanating from upper back vertebrae. Following Meditation and Exercise can be used to reduce the symptoms of Neck and Cervical Pain.
For this meditation exercise, sit in a comfortable position. It is best to sit in a cross legged position on the floor or you can sit straight on a chair with your hands in Vayu Mudra (i.e. by placing the tips of your index fingers on the base of your thumbs and then pressing the index finger gently with the thumbs ) .

Vayu Mudra - Hand Gesture

Vayu Mudra – Hand Gesture

Step 1 – Deep Breathing

Let’s begin with deep breathing.
Close your eyes – Smile-
Start breathing slowly- Breathe in
Breathe out – Breath in – Breath out.
As you breathe in, watch the air flowing throughout your body making each cell of your body healthy, filled with positive energy-
As you breathe out, Let all the thoughts, worries, stress go away and you feel fresh – Breathe out – all pain-stress – gone- As you breathe – don’t put any force.
Watch the air filling your belly, chest expanding, filling your lungs through your throat – feel good bring a smile on your face – feel the happiness – feel that every cell of your body is healthy, strong & stable – fresh & beautiful.

Step 2 – Rotate Shoulders

Deep breathe in the normal position – rotate your shoulders forward 5-7 times while breathing normal.
Now rotate your shoulders backward 5-7 times

Step 3 –  Neck Tilts while Meditating

Now sit straight. While breathing in, Tilt your neck to the right touching your shoulder as much as you can- Feel the stretch on the left side muscles of your neck – Hold the position for 5 seconds or count five. Now Breathe out , loosen the stretch ,relax the neck muscles and bring your neck back in the centre/normal position. Now again while breathing in, tilt your neck towards the left side, stretch your muscles – Feel the stretch on the right side and feel the pain – hold the position for 5 seconds – Release the stretch, relax muscles and while breathing out come back in the normal position. – Repeat this while meditating on the area which is paining – & feel the pain while breathing in and stretching and feel that the pain is going while you breathe out.

Step 4 – Rotate Neck while Meditating

While sitting straight, take a deep breath. Stretch your neck muscles & start turning your neck towards the right and try to look at your back with your neck muscles stretched as much as you feel comfortable – Hold the stretch for 5 seconds breathing deep-
Release the stretch and come/bring back your neck slowly in the centre/normal position – Relax – now start your neck turning( while stretching your muscles) towards the left and look at your back with your neck muscles stretched as much as you can. Hold the stretch for 5 seconds – Release the stretch in the same position and relax your muscles & while breathing out come back in the normal position. Now repeat the same movement 3-5 times. Breathe in while you stretch your neck muscles & turn them backwards; Breathe out while you relax your muscles & come back in the normal position – while breathing in & stretching feel the pain – & while breathing out & relaxing feel that all the pain is gone – & you are healthy – meditate on the areas which pain & while breathing out feel that now your neck is healthy – feel that your neck muscles, muscles at the back of your ears are relaxed- your head is light and cool.

Step 5 – Clockwise and Anticlockwise Rotation

Rotate your neck clockwise from right trying to touch your right shoulder, then back, and then left shoulder; Feel the stretch at every point &come back to the normal position – & relax – Then rotate your neck anti-clockwise touching your left shoulder.

Step 6 – Bee Breathing Meditation

Now sit straight – keep your attention on the cervical muscles & while you breathe in deep, feel the warmth, heat and energy coming in & healing you & as you breathe out feel that all the pain is going & every cell of your neck is fresh & healthy .You feel the freshness. Do this meditation for 2 minutes.
Now do Bramari Pranayam (Bee Breathing Meditation).
Sitting straight, Take a deep breath in –
Now, close you eyes – A gentle smile on your face – close your ears you’re your thumbs, your index fingers on the both sides of your forehead, just above your eyebrows; Middle fingers softly placed on your closed eyes – ring fingers on your cheeks slightly touching your nose-
Now a deep breath in and while slowly breathing out ,Start OM chanting & make a humming sound like a bee. You can make a low pitched sound or high pitched sound.
Feel the vibrations & sensations through out your body – particularly in your head, forehead-neck, teeth, cheeks
Feel the quietness – the light – the thrilling energy flowing throughout your body – keep smiling .
Do this for 5-7 times or as per your wish.
While breathing in and breathing out you feel that all the pain, the worry, the anxiety, the stress, the fear, the frustration, anger is gone – now there is no pain, no fear, no anxiety – no stress – only happiness, smiles, beauty, love.
Feel, I am healthy – I am good, I am Happy – I am full of vibrance and energy.

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