Gobinda: God, the Sustainer and Support of All

Hari: God, the Fresh, Beautiful, Potent Healing Energy that inherently exists within each of us. Hari also comes from the word Hara, which means remover, the remover of suffering, remover of negativity, remover of pain. As we meditate on these words, everyone develops their on understanding. It is also called Mantra for Self Reflection

Chanting of mantra takes us to  higher level of consciousness and reconnects us with the spiritual world where we experience Oneness with our Creator. In short, repeated chanting of Mantra charges the  power centres of body and mind. Chanting (repetition of God’s name) is one of the most powerful spiritual practice and being done in most  of the Meditation and Yoga Centres worldwide ‘GOBINDA GOBINDA HARI HARI’ Mantra is very simple, Words are very simple but profound. When you meditate along with this mantra, cross your hands and rest them on your shoulders, as if you are hugging yourself. Feeling the grace and the kindness of the One who lies in the center of your own Being.  One can see God only by observing within after chanting the Mantra. Look within the beauty and miracle of every breath you take.


  1. It connects with Divine
  2. This mantra is a great emotional healer.
  3. It removes all worries and gives relief from pains
  4. It gives strength to bear any adversity
  5. One feels courageous after chanting or listening the mantra