Experiencing Brain Fog? Here is how to think sharper and faster.

Brain fog is the mental drowsiness impeding our cognitive functions to reach their full potential. But with certain changes in our lifestyles, we can get a clearer vision, a greater awareness, and a sharper mind to conduct our daily activities with most vigor.
Remove Mental Fog

What is brain fog?

Brain fog is the state of mental blurriness where the mind is put in a dormant state and unable to function effectively. Once luminous and bright consciousness gets clouded by a misty confusion and gives the person with the brain fog a hard time dealing with complicated problems. It becomes difficult to keep attention focused on certain topics, to follow a sound decision-making process, and conduct other cognitive functions like memorisation and learning. 

We find mental and physical irregularities lying underneath this mental drowsiness. Malnutrition, chronic stress, sleep disorders, lack of exercise, and hormonal changes are the most common sources, accompanied by medical conditions like inflammation, diabetes, and also natural changes happening in the brain in pregnancy. In case you are experiencing brain fog on top of any other serious conditions, we urge you to seek medical help. And if not, the solution might be achieved with certain changes in the lifestyle.

How to avoid brain fog and make your brain reach its full potential

Eat healthy

Take care of what you eat and drink, and how you eat and drink. Construct a healthy diet for yourself and follow it in precise manners. Start by making sure your diet doesn’t lack Vitamin B-12 since it is closely linked to impaired cognitive function. Also, cut the high consumption of processed foods and refined sugars. They affect the C-reactive protein (CRP) in the blood and poses as a culprit for brain fog by its inflammatory effects.

Getting regular sleep can do wonders

We all need a different amount of sleep time to preserve our mental capabilities. Some people achieve that with only 6 hours, but others require 7-8 hours for the same functionality. Designate which suits you best, and get regular sleep. Remember, regularity is as important as the amount of sleep you get. Go to bed at and wake up at the same times of the day.

Move. Exercise. Make Lungs Oxygenate the Brain

Mind and body are not just related. They are the same, and the separation we make upon them is arbitrary. A sound mind resides in a sound body, and that’s the reason why increased physical activity sharpens the mind by rejuvenating the brain. Don’t let the idea of exercise overwhelm you. Even a short session that you enjoy doing will benefit you a lot.


If you put these physical needs in order, and don’t have any other medical condition that can cause brain fog, then probably the main thing you should focus on is the mental burdens. Stress is like a goliath standing between us and our potential. When it becomes something other than a mild push to persevere through challenges, it piles up on us and becomes so overwhelming that we become unable to think soundly. 

Meditation is a gust against stress, clearing the brain fog and pushing the cloud between the consciousness and the world. The gift of the present is to free ourselves from the mind. By practicing mindfulness, we cut some of the corrupted branches of introspection, and cultivate new ones through bodily and worldly awareness. Our stress levels decrease with the riddance of these barren thoughts, and thus we get a clearer vision, a greater awareness, and a sharper mind to untangle even the most labyrinthine problems.

Overthinking kills courage, worrying kills intuition, and without intuition gets and courage, our path to enlightenment is blocked. We composed a musical piece to help you clear away the mental fog caused by these mind killers. 852 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is best known for its mind-cleansing effects, and being the miracle tone for awakening intuition, it is a facilitator for balancing the energy flow in our brow chakra. Listen to its profound tones, and practice mindfulness to release yourself from all these draining negativities.

852Hz solfeggio frequency is known to cleanse the third eye chakra, thus removing the mental fog. Below are some music pieces composed in 852Hz to help you remove mental fog and think clearly.


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