Welcome to DAY1 of 14 Day Chakra Healing Camp

We start the Chakra Healing Camp 2016 with Guided Chanting Meditation for Root Chakra. If you generally feel low in energy, tired, worried and anxious most of the time, it might be due to the imbalance in the Root Chakra.

In this Guided Meditation, we learn to become more aware of our 1st and primary Chakra – Root Chakra energy center and how to do LAM chanting meditation for balancing the root chakra. Chanting can be one of the most effective ways to balance and unblock chakras.

The seed mantra for Root Chakra is LAM. this is the Fundamental (or Mool) Chakra. Without Balancing it, now matter how hard we try, higher chakras can not be healed / unblocked. Located at the base of our spine, it is the root chakra that governs over our physical energies, giving us a sense of safety and security with other people and ourselves. This is the chakra from where the life energy radiates to the entire body.

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Tomorrow – Day 2, We will doing Sacral Chakra Healing Meditation.

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Blessings All The Way
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