ॐ परानन्दाय नमः
‘OM Paraanandaaya


I am one with Divine Happiness, the Vishnu.


Here is  small beautiful but effective Mantra for Happiness – ‘OM Paraanandaaya Namaha’  chant it for 108 Times.


This Mantra means that ‘ I am one with Divine Happiness, the Vishnu. When you are meditating with this mantra,

just let your get lost into it, Forget the material wants and needs, Real happiness comes from within,

when you are totally in the moment, when you give yourself completely, when you throw yourself completely into the present moment. 

thats when magic happens.  Thats when you start getting one with the universe. Smile as you chant this Mantra


 Getting to know our true self, Gets Inner Peace and come to know that Happiness is your true original nature.