Day 28 | OM NAMO NARAYANAYA – Mantra to bring Bliss

Chanting OM NAMO NARAYANAHA will bring Love, Bliss, Prosperity and All the good positive vibrations in and around you.


ॐ नमो नारायणाय


OM – The primordial sound reverberating in the Universe
Namo – I Bow, I Honor, I salute

Narayanaya – Addressing to Narayana – Name of Lord Vishnu, The Preserver of the Universe



This Mantra – The Mantra of Lord Vishnu – Narayana is chanted to invoke his powers of Goodness,

Bliss and Positive Energy.

When Repeatedly chanted this Mantra Brings Love, Prosperity and All the good positive vibrations in and around you.

This Particular Track has 108 Repetitions of this Mantra. More you Chant it, More effective it will be.

You can also play this recording in the background.


Restore serenity and harmony to the mind and body. Liberates the from negative emotions.

Brings prosperity, love, abundance, glory, strength, wisdom, and knowledge



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