Day 19 of #40DaySADHANA | Mantra for Sanity : Asankh Murakh

Today's Mantra fights madness, deep feelings of inferiority & self-destructive behaviour.
Mantra for Sanity - DAY 19 of 40 DAY SADHANA

Mantra for Sanity : Asankh Murakh

In the maddening crowd of today’s world,our minds are cluttered. We stop ourselves from fulfilling our dreams, we ignore ourselves, we become possessed by the outer world rather than listening to our own voice, our own inner world. And the calmness, sanity, peace that we long for in our lives can now be obtained with our entire focus on millions of things, people in the outside world.

This mantra inspires us to understand the Eternity and divinity of the true, real and subtle self of human beings – the sanity is to understand our essential nature and live a virtuous life of love, compassion, contentment and humility. It fights madness, deep feelings of inferiority and self-destructive behaviour.


Asaʼnkẖ mūrakẖ anḏẖ gẖor.
Countless fools, blinded by ignorance.

Asaʼnkẖ cẖor harāmkẖor.
Countless thieves and embezzlers.

Asaʼnkẖ amar kar jāhi jor.
Countless impose their will by force.

Asaʼnkẖ galvadẖ haṯiā kamāhi.
Countless cut-throats and ruthless killers.

Asaʼnkẖ pāpī pāp kar jāhi.
Countless sinners who keep on sinning.

Asaʼnkẖ kūṛiār kūṛe firāhi.
Countless liars, wandering lost in their lies.

Asaʼnkẖ malecẖẖ mal bẖakẖ kẖāhi.
Countless wretches, eating filth as their ration.

Asaʼnkẖ ninḏak sir karahi bẖār.
Countless slanderers, carrying the weight of their stupid mistakes on their heads.

Nānak nīcẖ kahai vīcẖār.
Nanak describes the state of the lowly.

vāriā na jāvā ek vār.
I cannot even once be a sacrifice to You.

Jo ṯuḏẖ bẖāvai sāī bẖalī kār.
Whatever pleases You is the only good done,

Ŧū saḏā salāmaṯ nirankār.
You, Eternal and Formless One.

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