Gobinday Mukanday Udaaray Apaaray

गोबिंदे मुकंदे उधारे अपारे

Hareean Kareean Nrinaamay Akaamay

हरीआँ करिअन नारिणामे अकामे


World Saviour. Emancipator. Benevolent. Boundless.

All Extinguisher. All creator. Nameless. Desire Less.

This Mantra is known for its ability to break the deep rooted notions, self beliefs and thought patterns which are lying in our subconscious for ages.

Each word here is worth meditating upon. We all have the qualities of that divine Infinite creative source within us.

Essentially what this mantra describes is what we are.

We are not the Name thats given to us, we are far bigger than that, we all have that creative energy, we all have that heart which can blossom into a flower.

When we meditate on each word, we come to know what our true source is, where we came from and who we are.


Bringing Mental Balance, Clearing Subconsciousness bring patience and compassion 

~ Understand ~ Meditate ~ Chant ~ Sing Along this beautiful Mantra ~
~ Remember to Breathe fully and naturally ~
~ Cultivate Mindfulness ~
~ Enjoy the Journey ~
~ Smile ~