How to Meditate to Open Crown Chakra – Really Simple

The crown chakra, or Sahasrara as we call it in Sanskrit, is the seventh and highest chakra in our 7 chakra energy system. The crown chakra represents our connection to the divine, the universe, and our higher selves, serving as the bridge between our individual consciousness and the vast, universal consciousness.

What is Crown Chakra?

Being the top energy center, crown chakra is associated with the element of thought and the color violet. It governs our spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, and the realization of our true nature. 
This chakra symbolises detachment from illusion; an essential element in obtaining higher consciousness of the truth that one is all and all is one.

Where is Crown Chakra Located?

It is located either at or slightly above the top of the head. You can also feel the energy of this chakra emanating from the top of our head.

To feel its energy, just place your right hand slightly on above(1-2cm) top of your crown, and another hand on your heart, close your eyes, and start breathing slowly. Bring your attention towards your breath, simply doing this exercise, we start to align our energy system and what we experience is little warmth at the ends of this energy system, that means your root chakra and crown chakra.

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Crown Chakra Healing Music: Featuring Hang Drum Soundscape

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Symptoms of Crown Chakra Healing?

➻ Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine.
➻ You may experience power surges i.e. you may get heated up from head to toe. This might happen during meditation and even when you are not meditating.
➻ A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation.

Crown Chakra Chanting meditation technique for beginners (AH Chants)

Silent OM and AH are the Seed Mantra or the Beej Mantra of Crown Chakra. Primary aim of this Chanting Meditation is to simulate, heal and balance Crown Chakra

Before starting the meditation

Sit in a comfortable position, you can also sit on a chair, on ground with some cushion, and you can also choose to lie down if sitting for long period of time gives you pain. What ever you choose make sure that your back is straight, and you are not slouching and your neck is also straight. You can start this video once you are ready to start the meditation. The text in the video also explains how to meditate. More details are below

Simple Meditation technique for Crown Chakra Activation

This simple yet effective meditation technique can help you open this spiritual chakra, allowing divine energy to flow freely through your body, allowing you to experience profound sense of inner peace and spiritual awareness.

➻ Sit Comfortably in a quiet place and where you wont be disturbed.
➻ Close your Eyes and First bring all your attention to your breathing.
➻ As you your breathing gets slower and in a rhythm, start bringing your attention to the top and back of your head.
➻ Breathing in imagine a violet ray of light entering your body from the top of your head, and breathing out chant AH.
➻ As you breathe in the violet light is going down to your spine, energizing every atom of your body and as you breathe out and chant AHH, all the stress leaves the body and your body becomes lighter and lighter,
➻ As you breathe in the violet light coming from the universe, is entering your body and healing every part of your body, as you breathe out and Chant AH,,, all the pain is leaving your body…

This Video Tells about Chanting Meditation Technique to Open Crown Chakra

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Learn more about crown chakra. All your questions answered

What is the crown chakra solfeggio frequency?

963Hz – universally known as “Frequency of Gods” helps in healing and balancing crown chakra and activating the pineal gland. The below track features 963Hz based music especially designed for crown chakra using 963 hz solfeggio frequency ( we use ancient indian raagas to compose music for specific chakras. Combining powerful frequencies, and ancient musical wisdom of raagas creates a powerful combination for healing chakras )

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What color is crown chakra?

Voilet is the color of crown chakra. The color violet signifies spirituality and transformation, while white represents purity, clarity, and enlightenment. 

What are the Best Crown Chakra Yoga Poses

Top 3 yoga poses to heal our crown energy center are

  1. Padmasana (Lotus Pose): This seated pose helps to open the hips and stimulates the this chakra, promoting mental clarity and focus.
  2. Sasangasana (Rabbit Pose): By bringing the crown of the head in contact with the ground, this pose closes the gap between heaven and earth, enhancing spiritual connection.
  3. Ardha Ustrasana (Half Camel Pose): Opens the throat, heart, and solar plexus, allowing sahasrara energy to flow down into the body.


Affirmations are like powerful mantras, as you repeat them daily, they become more powerful and you start experiencing more healing benefits. Here are some affirmations that are specifically designed for crown chakra

1. “I am connected to the divine source of the universe.”

2. “I trust my intuition and inner wisdom.”

3. “I am open to the abundance and blessings of the universe.”

4. “I am a divine being of light, and I am peaceful, protected, and secure.”

5. “I am one with the universe.”

6. “I live in the present moment and am aware of my divine connection.”

7. “I am infinite and boundless.”

8. “My thoughts are peaceful, calm, and centered.”

9. “I am connected to the wisdom of the universe.”

10. “I honor the divine within me.”

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