Conquer Stress – 11 Sure Short ways to let go of Stress and Anxiety

People can learn to manage stress and lead happier, and healthier lives. To help you keep stress at bay, here are some ways to let go stress and anxiety.
Conquer Stress 11 Safe Short ways to let go of Stress and Anxiety

Stress is perhaps one of the most used words nowadays, being this phenomena or response known for the people as guilty of the most of the problems and sufferings of our civilization, as it’s the cause and effect of the main chronic illnesses. Stress is also commonly understood as a psychological state of anxiety or desperation when facing a difficult situation, decision or intense emotion. Both conceptions about stress get unified as this is a psychophysiological reaction against a loss of inner homeostasis (equilibrium) or because of the perception of danger from the environment.

As in this reaction both mind and body are implicated, there is the advantage of that we can use resources focused on any of those aspects (or even both at the same time) to confront this reaction and reduce its intensity. Here we bring to you 11 healthy, safe short ways to let go stress and anxiety.

Go to the Beach

This is perhaps the coolest and most natural way to de-stress, as you can do it with your best friends or family and refresh your energies easily. In case you live very far away from a beach and it turns difficult or isn’t a ‘short’ option for you, a lake may be another option. Receiving direct sunlight in a moderated period of time is healthy for our skin and body.

Listen to  Music with Better Vibes

This is a classical and very easy option to de-stress, but what most of the people ignore is that the regular known music (pop, rock or alternative) is not the best to de-stress. Maybe they make you imagine things or sing about happiness, but real de-stressing brings calmness to your mind and it’s not a way to escape, but to harmonize your spirit and emotions.

Music with Tibetan bowls, Gongs, natural sounds and/or Mantras takes you to a quieter state of consciousness to face emotions and thoughts in a better way.

This way you will expand your mind limits, find solutions to your unsolved emotions and troubles and even get motivated after remembering how colorful and diverse our world is, and that there are so many cultures and ways of thinking to discover. Your problems may look smaller and solutions will get multiplied because they are available as you just open your mind and heart.


Because of its benefits, meditation should be taken as a daily habit to keep your mind and heart clear and peaceful. Meditating just in your breathing, ‘your’ thoughts and feelings during just five minutes will bring your stress-level down and let you take better decisions.

Sports & Yoga

Doing workout and stretching exercises is an excellent option to feel more alive and release all the problems you haven’t solved. Physically, chronic stress is found in those tensions in your muscles and unbalances your organs, which may require constant workout to get relaxed and function properly, respectively. Yoga also brings the extra effect of alignment of your nadis (energetic channels) to allow your Inner Power to flow better and balance energy in your life.


Who doesn’t like traveling?  This is a wonderful activity that leads you to know different landscapes, cultures and ways to see your life. It also may help you to discover that you aren’t the center of the world and that the causes of your stress could be just a trick that your mind was playing against you.

Just dance

As our body needs to move, if you also need some fun, even dancing with your best friends, or as a workout or alone can be a nice idea to let go of physical and mental stress and anxiety. Eat Healthy  & get Hydrated

Making small but effective changes in your nourishment can be amazingly important to reduce stress and increase happiness. Some of this stress is because we lack some nutrients in our body and mind which we need to work properly, keep our emotions balanced and even get focused.

There are also some processed foods that promote anxiety, addiction and impulsive behavior, reducing this way our emotional intelligence and balance.

Apply intermittent fasting

Another excellent way to detoxify mind and body is to start taking one or 2 intermittent days per week to fast. It would be better to do it under the supervision of a physician if you have any metabolic problem, but otherwise, this single habit is really helpful for your health and will make you take that day with more calm and with a slower pace. This fasting can be done half-day (passing breakfast) or full day (passing breakfast and lunch), being carefully on eating healthy and non-processed foods during that day and also the previous one.

If you’re one of those who ‘can’t live without having a breakfast’ let us tell you that this lack of flexibility expresses a lack of metabolic adaptability, which isn’t a sign of good health.

Important: go to bed early and rest for 6-8 hours

Anxiety and stress are health problems that are very influenced by the nervous system and quality of your sleep. If you don’t respect this single aspect in your life, stress will come much easier. To improve your quality of sleep and ease to go to bed, turn the lights off early and let your smartphones/tablets be away from you, so darkness will stimulate the need to rest. You can also listen to some relaxing music to help you forget all problems.

Practice some Painting or any Artistic way to express yourself

Art is just another way to meditate, but it lets you express your true identity and feelings, even those you don’t even recognize. Painting, drawing, music and other ways of artistic expression will relax your mind and you’ll be more aware of yourself.

Read fiction Stories

Reading a book is another way to open your mind to new possibilities and this case, is the chance to know a whole different world from the mind of the writer. There are many styles of literature, but with fiction stories you may dream and maybe get inspired for new ideas, and reduce the risk (for this case) of analyzing things.

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